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Natural Latex Gloves Powder Free

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  • Heartmed,iGloves, OEM

  • 500 CTNs

Pidegree Medical's Natural Disposable Powder Free Gloves are the ideal solution to meet your latex glove requirements. The gloves were designed to offer an exceptional fit and comfort, ensuring the most comfortable and secure fit. The gloves are made from premium latex that provides excellent durability.

Products Features

1. Fitness for Hands

Pidegree provides Disposable Latex Powder-Free Gloves, designed to offer a comfortable and comfortable glove that fits your hands as if they were an extra skin. In addition our latex gloves feature a beaded cuffs that allow you to put them gloves and taking them off easily.

2. Durability

Pidegree uses premium latex products, excluding the essential additives during the production process. This makes our latex gloves strong and durable, which minimizes the risk of tears or puncturing. They are perfect for demanding tasks and can prevent punctures, abrasions, or cuts.

3. Protection

Pidegree's latex gloves offer superior protection against dangerous substances, such as viruses, bacteria and other chemicals. They are perfect for use in clinics, hospitals laboratories, as well as other medical settings.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Pidegree has always paid attention to the issue of global environmental pollution. The latex gloves we offer are biodegradable and eco friendly, and do not harm the ecosystem.

5. Benefits of Powder Free Gloves

Pidegree recognizes that the powder incorporated into latex gloves can cause a variety of problems. The Disposable Latex Powder Free Gloves contain a powder-free formula which eliminates the concern of allergic reactions to the powder in gloves and the possibility of contamination from powder in gloves, ensuring that they are safe to use in a range of scenarios including handling food and taking care of patients in the medical environment.

Benefits of buying through Pidegree Medical

1. Various Color Options

To accommodate the preferences for color of various industries, we make gloves in a variety hues, like natural white blue, black and many more.

2. Multipled Size Options

We have various sizes for customers to pick from, such as XS, M, S, 2XL, XL. In terms of the thickness of our gloves, we offer from 3mil up to 6mil, making sure that they are a perfect fit for the various sizes of hands.

3. Different Texture Options

Our latex gloves are available in two varieties, smooth and finger-textured offering solutions to meet customers' requirements whether they require more grip or prefer a smoother surface.

4. Strict Quality Control

Our gloves are made and manufactured in accordance with international standards. We adhere to QSR (GMP) as well as ISO9001:2008 guidelines for the production of gloves. The latex gloves we offer have ASTM D3578 (05) and EN455 (09) certifications to ensure the quality you can count on.

5. Industry Experiences

With more than twenty years of expertise in the field we are a well-known maker of high-quality gloves. We are privileged of having a partnership with more than 8000 brands from more than 200 countries, and are able to offer high-quality gloves at reasonable prices.

6. OEM Support

Nobody would like to have their own company. If you're in the market for an OEM requirement, Pidegree can offer customized packaging boxes patterns, patterns and more.

Other Information


Pidegree's latex gloves are suitable for numerous applications:

"automobile, food handling, hospitality, retail, medical, emergency medical service (EMS), law enforcement, nursing homes, tattoo, parlors, veterinary work, dentistry and dental hygiene, aerospace, engineering, chemical manufacturing and use, electronics, printing, local authority work, painting and decorating, care home work, food processing, general assembly and manufacturing"

Packaging & Shippment


500 Cartons


100 Packs/Box, 10 Boxes/Carton

Delivery Time

35 - 55 Days

Supply Ability

30*40ft per Month


Powder free and non-sterille.
Natural latex.
Design & Features
Ambidextrous; smooth or fully textured surface; beaded cuff; natural white, coloured (blue/green) or mint flavoured.
The gloves shall maintain their properties when stored in a dry condition at temperature not higher than 30°C.
Moisture Content
below 0.8% per glove.
5 years from the date of manufacturing.

Latex Gloves,Disposable Gloves,Disposable Latex Gloves

Latex Gloves,Disposable Gloves,Disposable Latex Gloves

ASTM D3578
EN 455
Min. 240
Min. 220 (size XS,S)
Min. 230 (size M, L, XL)
Min. 240



• Extra-small
• Small
• Medium
• Large
• Extra-large



76 ± 3
84 ± 3
94 ± 3
105 ± 3
113 ± 3


70 ± 10
80 ± 10
95 ± 10
111 ± 10


80 ± 10
95 ± 10
110 ± 10

Thickness - single wall (mm)


• Fingers
• Palm



Min. 0.08
Min. 0.08


Min. 0.08

Min. 0.08



Elongation at Break(%)


• Before Aging
• After Aging




Min. 650
Min. 500


Min. 650
Min. 500



Tensile Strength(Mpa)


• Before Aging
• After Aging




Min. 18
Min. 14


Min. 18
Min. 14



Force at Break (N)


• Before Aging
• After Aging




Median 6
Median 6




Median 6
Median 6

More Information

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