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Disposable Latex Gloves Wholesale
Disposable Nitrile Gloves Wholesale
Disposable Vinyl Gloves Wholesale
Diamond Textured Nitrile Gloves Wholesale
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Disposable Latex GLoves

Disposable Nitrile GLoves

Pidegree offers a variety of latex gloves, including examination latex gloves, surgical latex gloves, household latex gloves, and more. There are multiple colors, sizes, and types available to choose from. They are used in multipled significant areas like Medical Care, Industrial, etc.
Nitrile gloves are one of Pidegree's best-selling disposable gloves. We provide 100% Nitrile gloves with blue, black color and Nitrile Vinyl Blended Gloves with purple, white color etc. They come in thicknesses ranging from 4 mil to 8 mil, and we also have the latest black and orange diamond-textured nitrile gloves.

Disposable Vinyl / PVC GLoves

 Disposable Polyethylene (PE) GLoves

Vinyl gloves (PVC) would be the best choice for wholesaler if they are seeking for cost-efficiency one.  They offer a certain level of protection and fit, making them an excellent solution for tasks such as food handling and hygiene cleaning. For AQL 1.5 certificated Vinyl Gloves, they can also be used in medical industry.
Pidegree also wholesales PE gloves, including TPE / CPE / LDPE / HDPE gloves, with various types of gloves to meet the needs of different application scenarios, such as food service, health care. They can help you separate the oil well.  If you only require temporary hand protection, then PE gloves would be a good option for you.
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Why Choose Us?
As a glove manufacturer committed to long-term growth, we understand that product research and expansion are one of the vital initiatives for maintaining our development momentum. Rather than limiting to a single product, we develop a diverse range of vertical gloves products, like diamond-textured nitrile gloves for meeting the needs of emerging markets.
Outstanding product quality is also an important guarantee for long-term and steady development.
Our products have obtained certifications such as CE, ISO, and ASTM. Quality is the last thing you need to worry about at Pidegree.
30+ production lines, Pidegree meets diverse needs. Aiding in cost-efficient logistics, we have bonded warehouses are built in Shenzhen and Qingdao.
Now, our gloves products span 100+ countries, partnering with 8000+ OEM brands. Committed to excellence, we're building a comprehensive 'One-Stop Gloves Source Center', ensuring unparalleled global service and products.
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Pidegree believes in putting our customers first, and that's why we're here to listen. Do you have any general questions, requests or suggestions? Or you have interest in our products? Then contact us directly!

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