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In order to produce the highest quality gloves, we ensure our manufacturing process and quality control is always meeting the stringent FDA and ASTM requirements.At various stages of the manufacturing process, assorted sampling and quality control tests are routinely carried out to monitor our operation and product quality. These tests include 1000ml watertight test, air inflation test, chemical residue test, visual inspection, etc. Our manufacturing facilities have implemented the ISO 9001 Quality Systems, and have adopted the EN 455 standards. We are always in compliance with the FDA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).
Customers' Satisfaction is our company main focus. Pidegree Gloves is very focused on being a Professional Manufacture of Disposable Gloves. Realizing the importance of continuously staying ahead in product development, Pidegree Gloves has placed a lot of emphasis in Research and Development to produce a wide and diversified range of high quality and value-added glove products in order to cater to the ever-increasing expectations of end-users. The company collaborates closely with government agencies and Ministries to keep itself abreast of the latest development in research technology. The upgrading and collaborations of R & D is to enable Pidegree Gloves to be a world class cost effective producer with the most extensive range of premium quality glove products.
Here is a brief introduction of our advanced production lines for medical supplies: gloves

    1. ATC(Automatic Temperature Control)System, stable and accurate (+/-0.5℃)

    2. ASS(Automatic Stripping System), efficient, and Less Labor

    3. ACS(Automatic Counting System),efficient and error free

    4. ADS(Automatic Dosing System),precise, less human factors interrupt

    5. High percentage Spot Check, High quality assured

    6. Gas-smoke retrieving, Desulfurization and Dedusting, WCS(Water Circulation System),care for the environment.
Latex Gloves,vinyl gloves,nitrile glove,surgical gloves
Household/Industrial Gloves

Factory has accumulated twenty years of experience in production technology, and constantly focus on a variety of high-quality rubber gloves, design,development, production, introduction of international advanced management mode, enhancing technological innovation. The introduction of the world's leading production equipment, the first to use automatic crimping, digital temperature control, the first production line over 110 meters, CNC technology,stable and accurate. Imported and domestic raw materials of high quality natural latex, which greatly enhance the quality of products, and promote thehealthy development of enterprises.
Products formed 10 series over 80 varieties, reasonable prices, durable, acid, chemical resistant, non-slip protection, comfortable to wear.

Latex Gloves,vinyl gloves,nitrile glove,surgical gloves

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