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Three types of gloves used in health facilities


Professionals in health facilities are required to wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment(PPE).One important part of these equipments is disposable glove that protect hands and prevent skin from irritating chemicals,blood-borne pathogens and other harmful substances.

Is Nitrile Gloves Chemical Resistant?


Disposable nitrile gloves are the most common used gloves to handle chemicals in laboratories .Nitrile gloves are made by synthetic rubber which enables them chemical resistance.Nevertheless,it is important to be clear that disposable nitrile gloves only provides limited chemical protection.These gloves act like a physical barrier,and they need to be removed immediately after they are contaminated or broken.

Can Nitrile Gloves Be Used for Food Handling


The uses of disposable gloves in Food Handling is to provide protection from foodborne illness and protect your hands from irritant food materials.Can nitrile gloves be used for handling food?The answer is Sure Yes.

How Do You Size Nitrile Gloves?


Nitrile gloves are latex free and allergy free.They protect our hands from bacteria,chemical,liquid and other contamination.Finding a fit glove for your hand can help improve glove's performance and comfort.Here are some tips for measuring your hands and choosing the right size glove.

Symptoms of Being Allergy to Nitrile Gloves


Nitrile gloves are commonly considered as a perfect alterative to latex gloves for those whom have latex allergies.However,nitrile gloves do have their own cause regarding to allergies.Though it is quite rare,we hope that everyone are aware of it.Let's discuss about it in this article.

Manufacturing Process of Nitrile Glove


Nitrile gloves are made out of synthetic rubber.They are stretchable and puncture resistant.These attribuates are used in medical and chemical fields equally.They contain no latex in their raw materials,which is a perfect alternative to those who have latex allergy.They also protect from risky situations where the wearer may come in contact with the harmful chemicals in laboratory or other work situations with hazardous chemicals.

The Materials of Nitrile Gloves


Unlike latex disposable gloves,which are made from natural rubber,nitrile gloves are synthetic.They are a great alternative to latex gloves.In this article,let's learn about the materials of nitrile gloves.

The Uses of Nitrile Gloves


Looking for strong, flexible, puncture resistant gloves? You must not miss disposable nitrile gloves. Composed of synthetic rubber, disposable nitrile gloves are latex free, less likely to cause an allergic reaction. And they are stronger than latex gloves, more flexible than vinyl gloves. Due to their great resistance to oils and other harsh chemicals, disposable nitrile gloves are perfect for many tasks.

Nitrile Gloves vs Latex Gloves


Latex gloves are the most common used disposable gloves across many different industries.Now with the growing number of materials options available in the glove industry,nitrile gloves are regarded as the substitution of latex gloves due to their high performances without latex allergies.Here we’ll discuss the differences between nitrile gloves and latex gloves.

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