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Production Capacity
Learn about our production capacity and you could eliminate some concerns about us.

Our Expertise

Pidegree focuses on long-term mutually beneficial relationships with its customers, adhering to the "quality-first" production philosophy, providing customers with more valuable products, helping them gain greater favor in the market. To acheive this, Pidegree's production lines have the following advantages:

Diverse Product Range - With over 30 production lines, we cover a wide range of disposable glove products, meeting the requirements for most types of disposable gloves in the market.
High Automation Level - Our production lines are equipped with advanced automation systems aimed at improving production efficiency, reducing labor costs, and enhancing the stability of glove quality.
Environmental Focus - Green production is one of the key strategies for long-term business growth. Pidegree has implemented numerous green production measures, including the use of biomass energy boilers, upgrading wastewater treatment facilities, and recycling production waste materials, among others.

Production Lines

 6 Unit Single Exam Glove Former Dipping Line. (Monthly 45 Million Pcs)
 2 Unit Double Former Dipping Line. (Monthly 30 Million Pcs)
4 Unit Single Household Glove Production Line. (Monthly 9 Million Pair)
 12 PVC Gloves Production Line. (Monthly 90 Million Pcs)
 8 Auto PE Gloves& PE Apron Production Line. (8 Container)

Automatic Production Equipment

Our automatic gloves production lines are full automatic from washing mould, drying the mold, dipping coagulant tank, dipping vulcanization to Chlorization to final oven and to stripping gloves. Furthermore, they have a low failure rate and is easy to maintain. If necessary, we can promptly adjust the required ingredients and switch to the production line for another type of gloves.

Eco-friendly Production

Renewable energy with biomass boilers

Three of Pidegree Group manufacturing plants are installed with biomass boilers which uses the latest technology in movinggrate auto-feed smokeless combustion system designed specifically for the glove manufacturing industry to achieve high efficiency. To generate heat, the boilers burns woodchips and palm kernel shell waste and this helps to counter the impacts of climate change.
The biomass boilers are able to provide substantial savings on energy cost compared with energy generated from fossil fuels.

Wastewater treatment
The wastewater from the Pidegree Group manufacturing facilities is treated on site in effluent treatment plants utilising a chemical flocculation, anaerobic digestion and activated sludge process. The Company collaborates with the Department of Environment to conduct regular checks to ensure full compliance with the Department's standards on final discharge.
This ensures that the environment surrounding the Pidegree Group manufacturing facilities continues to stay healthy and green.

Rubber glove waste for recycling
Pidegree Group recorded less than 0.5% rate of rejected gloves as waste in 2008. The Group's stringent quality management system program coupled with the consistency in manufacturing process control ensure low rate of rejection and whatever little reject gloves there are, together with rubber waste or lumps arising from the production process, are collected and forwarded to rubber recycling companies who will process them and return the rubber for further use as part of the raw materials.

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