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Disposable latex gloves have always occupied an important position in the history of more than 100 years of developmen.

Although compared to latex gloves, disposable nitrile gloves are stronger and vinyl gloves are cheaper, latex gloves are still the most popular disposable gloves. You can find them in many industries:

"automobile, food handling, hospitality, retail, medical, emergency medical service (EMS), law enforcement, nursing homes, tattoo, parlors, veterinary work, dentistry and dental hygiene, aerospace, engineering, chemical manufacturing and use, electronics, printing, local authority work, painting and decorating, care home work, food processing, general assembly and manufacturing."

Thus, disposable latex gloves still have the largest wholesale market.

Pidegree has been dedicated to developing, promoting, and wholesale medical latex gloves and latex gloves for food, trying to make them more in line with people's increasingly updated needs.

Now we achieve cooperation with many distributors worldwide and help them win their important customers and even win government tenders with excellent product quality.

Keep reading and find out more about disposable latex gloves.

What are Disposable Latex Gloves?

Disposable latex gloves are disposable gloves that have been one of the best choices for the industrial,  medical, and food industries for many years.

Since latex gloves are processed from natural components of the plant (vulcanized from the sap of the rubber tree), they have the following characteristics:

1. Biological protection

Like latex examination gloves, they can protect your hands from biological and chemical substances.

If you work in places that are easily polluted, especially laboratories, latex exam gloves can effectively prevent your hands from germs, chemicals, etc.

2. Excellent elasticity and tear resistance

Disposable latex gloves have excellent elasticity and tear resistance among all disposable gloves.

The great feature makes latex gloves one of the best choices in industries like the automotive industry with the severe tear of gloves, which can effectively avoid hand injuries and infection caused by gloves breaking.

3. Wide Colors Available

Disposable latex gloves don't have as many colors as nitrile gloves, but there are still a variety of colors for choice.

Generally, beige or white disposable latex gloves are used in medical industries, while black ones are used in the industrial industry.

4. Excellent Sensitivity

Due to excellent fitness, when you don the latex glove, you can feel it like an extra layer of skin

The high sensitivity gives you the sense of your fingers' feeling.

Therefore, latex gloves fit industries that require delicate operations, such as dental, tattoo, and other medical care industries.

5. Latex Allergy Concern

But unfortunately, disposable latex gloves have a serious fatal problem------latex allergy, a potentially life-threatening concern.

Pidegree always tries our best to reduce the probability and proportion of latex allergy by reducing the protein in latex gloves.

Nonetheless, latex gloves remain one of the most popular disposable gloves.

6 Tips Help You Choose the Best Disposable Latex Gloves

High product quality is always the best weapon to win your clients’ trust and stand out from competitors.

Note these 6 points below, and ensure the quality of latex gloves you buy is guaranteed:

1. Confirm the Size

Like shopping for clothes, the sizes of latex gloves should fit your hands.

A glove that is too large for your hand will not provide protection well, allowing germs and chemicals easily enter the glove to hurt your hands, while the too small one will be overstretched and become less durable.

Don't worry! It’s not hard to find the size of latex gloves right for your needs because Pidegree will provide you with a size guide and can also send free samples to try donning.

2. Confirm the Weight

It is unreliable to judge the quality and strength of gloves by the thickness of the gloves.

Conversely, weight is an intuitive and accurate metric to indicate the amount of material used in latex gloves.

Lighter gloves are thinner (4-6mil) but also bring more flexibility. They are useful in industries that frequently need changing gloves, such as food processing, sanitation, cleaning, etc.

On the other side, the heavier ones (6-8mil) are relatively thick and suitable for industries requiring more durability, like the automotive industry.

If you’re unsure, it’s okay. Listening to your clients is always the best way!

3. Confirm the Colors

The choice of colors seems not to matter, but it isn’t. It can improve efficiency in specific industries by using specific colored latex gloves.

Disposable latex gloves are generally available in 3 colors, beige, white, and black.

Using latex gloves with specific colors in some industries can improve work efficiency.

For example, in the highly polluted, oily automotive and tattoo art industries, wearing black gloves can cover up stains well; in the medical industry, wearing white gloves can allow doctors to notice more clearly what is wrong.

Therefore, you’d better confirm with your clients which color gloves to use.

4. Powder-free or Powdered Latex Gloves?

There are some latex gloves with cornstarch coated inside for removing gloves easier, we called them powdered latex gloves.

But the problem is that this layer of powder is also one reason for latex allergies.

Therefore, you should consider chlorinated powder free latex gloves with low latex viscosity for easy removal and reduce latex allergy concerns.

5. Certificates

Disposable gloves focus differently on different industries.

Therefore, different certificate test content will be different. For disposable latex gloves, the common standards are ASTM D3577, EN 455, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, etc. Pidegree’s gloves have passed these standards and won the trust of many distributors worldwide.

6. Price

Undoubtedly, price is always one of the most important considerations.

Comparing each brand's prices, product information, and services in detail to find the best supply resource allows you to reduce procurement costs and gain a price advantage—often the most powerful way to compete with others.

With over 20 years of production and sales experience, we have summed up these common purchase points, hoping to help you buy the best latex gloves and achieve business success.

Find the Best Disposable Latex Gloves in Pidegree

If you're comparing different disposable gloves manufacturers, Pidegree is always the best choice!

Since 1998, Pidegree has been deeply involved in disposable gloves wholesale and accumulated rich production and sales experience.

We always attach great importance to research and development capabilities, control of glove quality, and product updates.

Only in this way can we provide the best products and services.

Compared with other competitors, we can offer the  benefits for you:

1. Best Prices

Buy latex gloves in bulk with best quality at reasonable prices to help yourself gain a price advantage;

2. Fastest Logistics

Our manufacturing factories are located in Malaysia and China and set warehouses in Shenzhen Port and Qingdao Port. We will choose the most affordable and fastest logistics for you;

3. Free Samples Available

We can send you free samples that you hope to buy to test, try donning, and so on;

4. OEM Services Support

We have a powerful designer team and can provide OEM service, including packages and pattern customization for you.

5. Complete Types of Gloves Available

Our manufacturing factories can produce complete types of disposable latex gloves, and here's our latex glove brief information:


 Powdered or Powder Free


 XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Gram weight

 4.5g, 5g, 5.5g, 6g




 Full palm


 24cm (9 inches), 30cm (12 inches)


 Beige, White, Black


 AQL 4.0, AQL 2.5, AQL 1.5


 Package, pattern OEM support

Last but not least, please tell us if you have other needs. We will do our best to fulfill your individual needs.

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