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Natural Latex Surgical Gloves Powder Free

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  • Heartmed,iGloves,OEM

  • $0.09-$1.2/Pair

  • 420 CTNs/ 210000 Pairs

  • 50 Pairs/Box, 10 Boxes/CTN

Pidegree provides high-quality latex surgical gloves that prioritize your protection, comfort, and convenience. These gloves are made from premium-quality latex material, which provides exceptional strength and shields against a range of substances. They are designed to fit medical surgical procedures perfectly.

Products Features

1. Extra Strength

Pidegree powdered latex surgical gloves have extra strength, which provides exceptional protection from reducing the probability of tears and surgical debris during surgery. It can ensure that surgeons experience a complete safety and cleanliness surgical process.

2. Anatomical Design

To decrease hand fatigue during long procedures of surgery, the gloves feature an entirely anatomical design. This design maximizes the acumen of the surgeon by reducing the strain on the hands. With the advanced design, surgeons can perform complicated procedures with greater efficiency and accuracy.

3. Softness and Fitness

The gloves’ texture is soft, making it more comfortable and natural for the surgeon to wear during long procedures. The comfort that powdered latex gloves provide can enable the surgeon to focus exclusively on the task at hand, without any distractions.

4. Micro-textured Surface

The gloves’ surfaces are micro-textured to provide a high level of grip while handling surgical instruments. This property is essential, as it prevents the instruments from slipping or sliding during critical phases.

5. Easy Donning

When it comes to donning powdered latex surgical gloves, the process is made easier. It prevents gloves from rolling back, ensuring that surgeons can function effectively and smoothly during the surgical process.

6. High Strength and Elasticity

Powdered latex surgical gloves are designed to provide high strength and elasticity. This property makes the gloves more robust and resistant to tearing, making them perfect for even the most demanding procedures.

7. Multiple Sizes Available

Powdered latex surgical gloves are available in several sizes, ranging from 5.5 to 9.0. This feature ensures that surgeons will find the perfect fit that will be comfortable and safe, without interfering with their surgical performance.

Benefits of Purchasing from Pidegree Medical

1. Quality You Can Trust

Our latex surgical gloves are manufactured under strict QSR (GMP), ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 13485:2003 (Medical Device) quality management system, conform to ASTM D3577 and EN 455 standards, and are sterilized by gamma ray or EtO. They also undergo bioburden and sterility testing to ensure they meet the highest hygiene standards.

2. Rich Expertise and Experience

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to offer surgical gloves that meet your specific requirements, whether you need a certain size, material, or packaging.

3. Consistent Performance

Our manufacturing processes are designed for gloves performance consistency. Therefore, you can expect the same high-performance gloves time and time again.

4. OEM Customization

We offer OEM services, giving you the ability to customize your surgical gloves with your branding or specifications helping your products stand out from various brands and meet your customers specific needs.

5. Reducing Risks

By eliminating the use of powders and otherr substances, powder free latex surgical gloves help to reduce the risk of allergic reactions, and maintain a safer and cleaner surgical environment. Powder-free latex surgical gloves are the preferred choice of many healthcare workers as they offer greater comfort, safety, and protection during surgical procedures.

Other Information

Packaging & Shippment


500 Cartons


100 Packs/Box, 10 Boxes/Carton

    Delivery Time    

35 - 55 Days

    Supply Ability    

30*40ft per Month

Gamma Ray / EtO Sterilized; Powder-Free
Natural high quality rubber latex
Design & Features
Hand specific; curved fingers; beaded cuff; natural; textured surface; USP grade absorbable cornstarch
The gloves shall maintain their properties when stored in a dry condition at temperature not higher than 30°C.
Moisture Content
below 0.8% per glove.
5 years from the date of manufacturing.
ASTM D3577
EN 455
Min 280
Min 245 (size 5.5)
Min 265 (size 6-9)
Min. 250 (size 5-5.5)
Min. 260 size 6-6.5)
Min. 270 (size 7-8)
Min. 280 (size 8.5-9.5)



• 5.5
• 6.0
• 6.5
• 7.0
• 7.5
• 8.0
• 8.5
• 9.0



71 ± 5
77 ± 5
83 ± 5
89 ± 5
95 ± 5
102 ± 5
108 ± 5
115 ± 5


70 ± 6
76 ± 6
83 ± 6
89 ± 6
95 ± 6
102 ± 6
108 ± 6
114 ± 6


72 ± 4
77 ± 5
83 ± 5
89 ± 5
95 ± 5
102 ± 6
108 ± 6
114 ± 6

Thickness - single wall (mm)


• Fingers
• Palm
• Cuff



Min 0.10
Min 0.10
Min 0.10


Min 0.10
Min 0.10
Min 0.10




Elongation at Break(%)


• Before Aging
• After Aging




Min. 750
Min. 450


Min. 750
Min. 450



Tensile Strength(Mpa)


• Before Aging
• After Aging




Min. 24
Min. 18


Min. 24
Min. 18



Force at Break (N)


• Before Aging
• After Aging




Median 9
Median 9




Median 9
Median 9

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