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Our Expertise
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Our Expertise


Who We Are?

Pidegree is a dynamic and customer-focused company of disposable gloves wholesale and manufacturing. Since 1998 when beginning with a single factory producing disposable PE gloves, we have established ourselves as a prominent player in the world of comprehensive types of disposable gloves (including disposable latex gloves, nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves and PE gloves) and medical comsumables.
The market for disposable gloves is changing quickly, and new opportunities are appearing all the time. Pidegree Medical really focus on developing new and better products to keep up with these rapid changes. That's why we've set up several subsidiaries in the upstream and downstream sectors of the industry chain get the materials we need and make our production process more efficient. This helps us lower costs and fasten our deliveries.

Mission & Commitment

  To be World Class Quality House Brand Proudcer
  To be Your Preferred Business Partner
  7/24 Professional Service with Over 20 Years of Experiences
  Maintaining High Product Quality and Consistency
  Consistently Committed to Green Production


Why Choose Pidegree?
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Our 7 Offices Introduction


Pidegree Medical 

Technology CO. LTD

This is our headquarters, overseeing the management of projects for all subsidiary companies to improve the efficiency of the entire production and sales process.


Pidegree Gloves SDN. BHD

They are responsible for the production and R&D of various types of disposable latex gloves, nitrile gloves, PVC gloves, PE gloves, and other disposable medical consumables.
It has more than 30 disposable glove production lines, with various automated functions, improving production efficiency and quality stability; The others also reach international leading standards.


Pidegree Rubber Plastic Co. Ltd.

Mainly responsible for the production, research, and sales of high-performance raw materials for disposable gloves, including latex, nitrile, and vinyl materials, and partly responsible for vinyl gloves productions.
The equipped production lines are equipped with automation systems and other control systems and are at an international leading level, with functions like online conveyance, automatic feeding, automatic trough control, automatic demolding, automatic counting, and online mold cleaning.


Dongguan Pidegree Sales Office / 

Guangzhou Pidegree Sales Office

Pidegree has established Sales Offices in Dongguan and Guangzhou, mainly responsible for the sales, marketing, market development, and after-sales contact of disposable glove products, disposable medical consumables, and latex glove derivatives.
They are dedicated to providing reliable and cost-effective disposable glove solutions for industries such as healthcare and food worldwide.


YiWu Show Room

We have set up a disposable glove showroom in Yiwu, showcasing the latex, nitrile, and vinyl gloves we currently produce and sell, among other products.
There is also a models display of our factory help you learn about our company and a wide range of glove types and professional knowledge, assisting you to know your needs and get the best solutions from us.


Bonded Warehouses

To provide more convenient and efficient export services and improve transaction efficiency, we have established bonded warehouses in two significant ports, Shenzhen and Qingdao. They cover an area of over 11,000 square meters and can store a large quantity of disposable gloves and other medical products.

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