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What's the difference between LDPE, HDPE, TPE,CPE Gloves

July 10, 2020

We get different kinds of Polyethylenes from the varying degree of branching in their molecular structure. Below are brief descriptions on how the polyethylenes differ from each other.

How to Measure Your Hand for Gloves?

June 26, 2020

To get a fitting glove, realizing how to appropriately quantify the hand is basic. So how would you measure for glove size? Step-By-Step Glove Sizing Process

About PE gloves

June 19, 2020

Take polyethylene gloves at your sandwich or plate of mixed greens station just as in your back kitchen for light-obligation prep assignments. These gloves are sans latex, making them ok for workers with latex hypersensitivities, and they're light weight for additional solace.

Can You Reuse Disposable Gloves?

June 12, 2020

Whether it’s because you’re eco-conscious and want to create less waste, because your stock of single-use gloves is dwindling, or because you’ve heard that disposable gloves should be reserved for frontline workers, you may be wondering: Is it ever safe to clean and reuse disposable gloves?

Nitrile or Latex,which’s better?

June 05, 2020

A lot of people confuse about which disposable gloves are the best, or which gloves they should be using in the food, medical and cleaning industries.So the Pidegree here would like to teach you some general knowledge.

Disposable Medical Gloves Market Analysis

May 30, 2020

Disposable Medical Gloves market worldwide is projected to grow by US$2.8 billion, driven by a compounded growth of 6.1%. Examination Gloves, one of the segments analyzed and sized in this study, displays the potential to grow at over 5.9%.

How to choose disposable gloves and common FAQ

May 27, 2020

Choosing the right gloves can be difficult with such a large choice of materials on offer, including latex, nitrile, vinyl and PE. Do you know which gloves you might need for a particular task? Gloves should never be a substitute for washing hands or using disinfectant. They must provide suitable protection against potential hazards and suit the wearer in terms of size and material, as some people have allergies to some of the common materials used.

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