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Industry news

  • May
    Rubber Gloves VS Latex Gloves

    Both rubber gloves and latex gloves offer a great many uses today in many fields.But they are quite different in most aspects.In this article,we will tell their differences in detail,to help you understand these two products and choose the right ones according to your needs.

  • Apr
    Powdered VS Non Powdered Latex Gloves

    Disposable latex gloves are the most common options in safety gloves.They are made of natural latex,which enables them more fitted with good elasticity and they are widely used in many industries,best known for medical and health care facilities.Disposable latex gloves comes into two different main types,powdered and powder free,and each type has its own pros and cons.Now let's learn more about differences between powdered latex gloves and powder free latex gloves

  • Apr
    Why disposable nitrile gloves

    Welcome to our website! This short article shows you what nitrile gloves are and its procedure and raw materials. As noted before, nitrile gloves are widely used in many fields. And it has been the first choice for safe protection. High-quality disposable nitrile gloves can improve work efficiency and ensure personal safety as it has strong materials and many advantages.

  • Apr
    Glove Facts and Myths

    The main purpose of wearing gloves is to prevent food contamination or disease transmission,so keeping gloves and hands clean in the kitchen or medical facility is extremely important.However there are still a great many misinformation about disposable glove usages.Here we have listed some "to do" and "not to do",and facts and myths about disposable gloves to help protect the safety of gloves users and customers.

  • Mar
    Guideline of Disposable Glove Selection

    Disposable gloves protect our hands from contamination or potential injuries in many industries.Different types of disposable gloves have various applications.Only when you choose the right material of the gloves will you get the right protection. Let's take a look at the different materials of disposable gloves.And you will be clear which one to choose for your work.

  • Mar
    How to Ensure Medical Examination Gloves Fit Properly

    Choosing the right size is critical when making sure that the medical exam gloves are right for you. There are two key points to ensure proper fit with medical examination gloves: Pick the correct size and Put on the gloves correctly.

  • Feb
    Cleanroom Disposables Ⅲ

    Cleanroom masks are essential to protect the work environment and workers from contamination. When purchasing masks for sensitive applications such as research facilities, medical manufacturing and laboratories, you should choose disposable items with earrings and cleanroom grades for optimal protection. If you work in a cleanroom, you know that one of the most important factors in cleaning and safety in this environment is to protect your body and the area from contamination. Wearing a cleanroom mask can have a major impact, but not all masks are the same. They help protect the environment from oral and physical contamination.

  • Feb
    Cleanroom Disposables Ⅱ

    Disposable coveralls provide full body protection to minimize exposure to contaminants. Coveralls are ideal for your workplace if you are involved in mixing chemicals, spraying liquids and handling granules.

  • Feb
    Cleanroom Gloves

    A cleanroom is a controlled environment that keeps the level of pollutants, like dust and airborne microbes, to a minimum.You should purchase the appropriate cleanroom gloves for your controlled or sensitive workplace. Proper gloves will prevent contamination and subsequent damage to equipment and p

  • Feb
    When to Change Disposable Gloves

    Disposable gloves help prevent food contamination or the spread of illness and bacteria in medical settings.Wearing disposable gloves is becoming necessary.But do you know when and how often should you change your gloves?

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