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As for sensitive skin,how to choose gloves?

August 14, 2020

The food processing industry and the oral medical examination industry usually have such questions as to the choice of gloves: Latex gloves or Nitrile gloves? Which one is better? Here, a brief introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of these two gloves.

TPE Gloves:Substitute of Vinyl Gloves

August 07, 2020

TPE vs Vinyl,which one is better?What are their characteristics?What are their differences?Details will be listed as below.

What’s differences among PE CPE TPE Gloves

July 31, 2020

For now, there are regular four types of PE gloves: HDPE, LDPE, CEP, TPE GLOVES.In the early time, HDPE and LDPE is the main products in food contact in the market.HDPE gloves texture is harder, LDPE is softer.

Some tips for wearing Pidegree disposable gloves

July 24, 2020

Pay attention to when wearing Nitrile gloves:1. No rings or other jewelry on your hands;2. The fingernails should be trimmed regularly and not too long to avoid damage to the fingertips of the gloves;3. Prevent the piercing of sharp objects, such as needles, toothpicks, etc.

Surgical Gloves

July 17, 2020

Surgical Gloves are expendable gloves which are utilized to cover a specialist's or doctor's hands during medical procedure. The surgical gloves are intended to decrease the danger of moving pathogens and contaminants from the human services supplier to the patient, while additionally shielding the social insurance supplier from any contaminants from the patient.

What's the difference between LDPE, HDPE, TPE,CPE Gloves

July 10, 2020

We get different kinds of Polyethylenes from the varying degree of branching in their molecular structure. Below are brief descriptions on how the polyethylenes differ from each other.

How to Measure Your Hand for Gloves?

June 26, 2020

To get a fitting glove, realizing how to appropriately quantify the hand is basic. So how would you measure for glove size? Step-By-Step Glove Sizing Process

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