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Vinyl gloves are one of the main disposable gloves that Pidegree cooperates with our partners.

Vinyl gloves cost little and are quite suitable for industries that need changing gloves frequently and do not require high requirements in hand protection, such as household caring.

Disposable vinyl gloves can effectively reduce the risk of cross-infection in these industries, which include but are unlimited to:

"Household cleaning, food handling, low-risk medical (veterinarians, hospitals, other medical facilities), low-risk laboratories, painting, printing, restaurants, grocery stores..."

Pidegree will be your most loyal and best partner if you need to buy disposable vinyl gloves wholesale.

Due to superior quality, we have helped wholesalers cooperate with their important customers and even win government tenders.

Keep reading to learn more about vinyl gloves and the benefits of buying vinyl gloves from Pidegree.

What are Vinyl Gloves?

Vinyl Gloves are made of PVC, a substance extracted from petroleum, so they are also called PVC gloves.

They have many features that make them one of the most popular disposable gloves:

1. Oil resistant

2. Chemical resistance

3. Anti-static

4. Anti-biological contamination

5. Certain but not perfect fit and elasticity

But the features of vinyl gloves above are not as good as latex and nitrile gloves, which can be short-term exposure to these dangerous substances.

Therefore, disposable vinyl gloves are used in low-risk, simple workplaces such as household care.

Besides, they have two great features that make them excellent alternatives for latex and nitrile gloves, making vinyl gloves their first choice.

1. Completely latex free

2. Low price

These two features make disposable vinyl gloves popular with most people.

Who wouldn't like vinyl gloves that are cheap and without latex allergy concerns?

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Vinyl Gloves

If you want to win customers' trust, product quality is always your most powerful weapon, making you stand out from competitors.

With over 20 years of sales and production experience, we have summarized the following 6 points to help you find the best vinyl gloves:

1. Confirm Size

Please confirm the sizes you should buy with your partners.

Vinyl gloves' stretchability, elasticity, and fit are not as good as latex and nitrile gloves.

If the vinyl glove size does not fit well,  its working life will decrease, or it can't protect your hands well.

2. Confirm Weight

The weight is a more intuitive and accurate metric to indicate the amount of glove material.

Lighter vinyl gloves will be thinner in thickness and bring more flexibility; on the contrary, heavier vinyl gloves are suitable for heavy industry and have better protection but less dexterity than lighter ones.

If you're not sure, it's okay. Listening to customer needs is always the best choice!

3. Confirm Colors

It might not seem to matter, but it isn’t. There are generally 3 colors available for disposable vinyl gloves, clear, blue, and black.

Buy the colors of vinyl gloves your clients need, help them improve work efficiency and earn higher profits!

4. Powder Free or Powdered Vinyl Gloves?

Some vinyl gloves are coated with a layer of cornstarch inside to make changing gloves easier.

But this is not the case for those who are powder allergic.

You can increase or lower different vinyl gloves based on market demands.

5. Check Out the Certificates

Whether the product passes the test standard or test of certificates is the most convenient and direct way to judge the quality of the vinyl glove.

Different certificates have different testing requirements and apply to different regions.

For example, FDA applies to the US region, CE, EN standards apply to the European region and so on. For vinyl gloves, common standards include ASTM D5250, EN455, QSR(GMP), ISO9001:2008 & ISO 13485:2003

Pidegree’s disposable vinyl gloves have passed these standards and won the trust of many distributors worldwide.

6. Price

There is no doubt that price is one of the most important considerations.

Comparing the prices, product information, brand services, etc., of each brand in detail to find the best source of supply will not only allow you to lower procurement costs but also gain a price advantage—often the most powerful way to compete.

Find the Best Disposable Vinyl Gloves in Pidegree

If you're comparing different disposable gloves manufacturers, Pidegree is always the best choice!

Since 1998, Pidegree has been deeply involved in disposable gloves wholesale and accumulated rich production and sales experience.

We always attach great importance to research and development capabilities, control of glove quality, and product updates.

Only in this way can we provide the best products and services.

Compared with other competitors, we can offer the  benefits for you:

1. Best Prices

Buy the best quality disposable gloves at reasonable prices to help yourself gain a price advantage;

2. Fastest Logistics

Our vinyl gloves manufacturing factories are located in Malaysia and China and set warehouses in Shenzhen Port and Qingdao Port. We will choose the most affordable and fastest logistics for you;

3. Free Samples Available

We can send you free samples that you hope to buy to test, try donning, and so on;

4. OEM Services Support

We have a powerful designer team and can provide OEM service, including packages and pattern customization for you.

5. Complete Types of Gloves Available

Our manufacturing factories can produce complete types of disposable latex gloves, and here's our latex glove brief information:

TypePowdered or Powder Free
SizeXS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
WeightM4.0g, M4.3g, M4.5g, M5.0g
MamianFull palm
Length24cm (9 inches), 30cm (12 inches)
ColorClear, White, Black
GradeAQL 4.0, AQL 2.5, AQL 1.5
OEMPackage, pattern customization

Last but not least, please tell us if you have other needs. We will do our best to fulfill your individual needs.

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