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12 inch long cuff disposable gloves

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12 inch long cuff disposable gloves

Regular disposable gloves are 9 inch, 240mm, the length is on the wrists. The production cost would be less ,materials, thickness can make less than 12 inch about it .

If for more protection, it is better longer than that, such as surgical gloves are at least Min 280mm.

For developing and meeting clients’ requirement, now Pidegree promote the 12 inch long cuff disposable gloves for marketing.

Choosing 12 inch would bring you more positive feedback and more different customers.


What are the advantage of the 12 inch long cuff disposable gloves

1. Several type of materials offer to choose :latex,viny, nitrile, blend nitrile.

2. 12 inch lengths provides greater forearm protection. Pulling long to can cover the sleeve when doing household work, prevent water inside.For examination,12 inch gloves can cover the coverall and gowns cuff, providing more protection.

3. The thickness is higher than regular 9 inch, powder free ,more durable and stronger .

4. Multiple purpose.Whatever it is used in 9 inch, 12inch can be the alternative. 

5. Powder free and made with good materials that deliver comfort and durability. Additionally, 4 mil thickness proves superior strength. Most importantly gloves are chemical and puncture resistant with textured finger tips for exceptional grip.

6. These gloves are ideal for mechanics and industrial use, as well as hair salons or work around the house.



Length:  12 inches from tip of middle finger. Min 280mm.

Color:  vinyl –clear color .Blend nitrile-Black,yellow,blue,pink. Nitrile-blue ,latex –white/yellow.

Material:  Latex,vinyl,nitrile ,blend nitrile gloves.

Features:  Powder free, chemical resistant, 4mil thickness, superior strength, puncture resistance, textured fingertips, ambidextrous, durable.

Uses:  Ideal for mechanics,medical exam and industrial use, as well as hair salons or work around the house.

Size:  Choose from Small, medium,large, extra large.

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