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4 Reasons Why Disposable Gloves are Indispensable

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Disposable gloves are practically everywhere these days. You see them in doctor’s offices, restaurants, hair salons, and anywhere else that workers need clean, inexpensive hand protection at the ready. They might get soiled quickly, but they’re very easy to replace. There’s always a new pair waiting, and they don’t need laundering. For workers who need a protective barrier that moves easily but don’t require a high level of cut protection, disposable gloves are the best option.

Here are four things that disposables do that makes them indispensable:

1. They prevent cross-contamination.

Cross-contamination is a daily risk for a number of workers. In the food processing and preparation industries especially, cross-contamination can spread bacteria very quickly. In a lab, it can destroy research and render samples unusable. Disposable gloves help prevent cross-contamination from occurring in both an inexpensive and effective manner.

Cross-contamination happens when you handle one substance and your gloves pick up its residue, and then you touch something else. Disposable gloves let you change hand protection quickly and easily when moving from one material to the next. This ensures that everything from your dinner to blood screenings stays clean.

2. They prevent pathogens from spreading.

Hospital, medical, and veterinary office workers come into contact with myriad hazards on a regular basis. Because of this, bacteria and viruses can spread like wildfire — both among workers and the people and pets under the medical facilities’ care. However, wearing disposable gloves is an effective solution for keeping pathogens from one person away from other patients.

Using the proper technique for removing disposable gloves adds another layer to their protection. Instead of just peeling them off and tossing them into the trash, leaving pathogens on the outside of gloves exposed, make sure you fold your gloves over onto themselves. That way, all of the harmful substances will stay contained within them.

3. They protect you from unknown hazards.

Some workers have no idea what they might encounter from one day to the next. Such is the case with plant and wildlife professionals. In the field, a worker might make contact with an amphibian that carries a toxic substance on its skin. Or, depending on her role, she might even touch a plant that causes her to have a severe allergic reaction.

For this reason, disposable gloves provide conservationists and wildlife workers with a reliable layer of protection against the moulds, toxins, poisons and other dangerous substances that they might encounter outdoors. Because they’re lightweight and comfortable, these types of gloves stand a better chance of being worn — allowing for a high level of PPE compliance.

4. They won’t wear out

Their name says it all. Disposable gloves get tossed after one use — whether it’s after a full shift or after coming into contact with just one substance. Because they’re not designed for wearing again and again, they don’t have a chance to wear out. If yours is an industry where gloves get a workout, thicker materials help them hold up through the shift.

Of course, all disposable gloves are thin — even if they’re made of a thicker grade material than the average pair. That makes them susceptible to damage. But unlike replacing a costly pair of protective gloves, disposable gloves aren’t very expensive, and there’s usually a ready supply of clean ones available.

For all of these reasons, medical situations, food handling, laboratories, certain outdoor settings, and many other applications, disposable gloves are indispensable. They’re also very cost-effective, and they never need cleaning because a new pair is always handy. And, for people who have allergies, nitrile protects skin without a flare up.

In the market for better disposable gloves? We’ve got a wide range of styles for you to choose from. And with options like latex (which has excellent stretch and flexibility!) and nitrile (a great alternative if you have latex allergies!) chances are that we have what you need. Click the button below to request your free sample of one of our most popular styles of nitrile disposable gloves.

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