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Accelerate innovation pvc gloves nitrile gloves to enter the market

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Accelerate innovation pvc gloves nitrile gloves to enter the market

"Innovation is the foundation for building a nation, is a source of industrial development. Our basic dependence on imports of high-end nitrile gloves. Nitrile gloves can promote the development of innovative products, related to the long-term development of nitrile gloves industry." Zhao Yoshimitsu members of the attention focused its attention on how to promote innovation in product development nitrile gloves on.
Promote innovation nitrile gloves product development, we must first understand the main problems existing in the development. Zhao Jiguang members said that now, nitrile gloves in numerous disciplines, each product has its own technical features, but also multidisciplinary cross combination of technology, which requires close cooperation between different innovation subjects.
"Now is precisely the lack of mechanisms for multi-agent collaborative innovation cooperation." Zhao Jiguang committee reports, some developed countries in innovation environment relatively perfect interests of the chain mechanism to promote development and mutual conversion between the production of the main chain of related industries, there is a clear allocation mechanism for the distribution of benefits, intellectual property rights and other issues. However, there are in the direction of innovation nitrile gloves mainly rely on imitation. "We should be through the establishment of independent innovation of institutional mechanisms to change the policy environment in which innovation products have sufficient financial return, to solve the problem of insufficient power innovation."
Zhao Jiguang members also pointed out that the current industrial nitrile gloves should be further improved. "Nitrile gloves core component due to small quantities, the amount is not a lot of companies do not want to do. Nitrile gloves industry in terms of innovation, many experts believe that the core component is a key issue, but to solve the most difficult problems facing the core components of capital insufficient."
"At the same time, with the gradual emergence of the rapid development of China's economy and the innovative products of nitrile gloves, nitrile gloves product innovation policy environment needed contradiction between the existing policy environment has become increasingly prominent." Referring to the current when market environmental issues, Zhao Jiguang members felt that since the hospital was not sufficiently transparent distribution channels, the market is not high degree of nitrile gloves lack of specialized scientific and standardized evaluation, "Although China has a number of independent innovation of high-quality domestic Ding nitrile gloves, but still a lot of medical institutions 'reluctance to buy, do not want to use', innovative products into the market is difficult, innovative high-quality products at competitive prices do not and can not be obtained through subsequent market returns has restricted the development of the overall development of China's industrial nitrile gloves another major problem. "
On how to promote independent innovation and product development nitrile gloves, Zhao Jiguang members suggested innovative nitrile gloves as a major product development projects of the State Council. "Drug development has been listed as five years ago, the major projects of the State Council, has greatly promoted the development of the pharmaceutical industry. Nitrile gloves on international development faster than drugs, if the innovative product development nitrile gloves are classified as major projects of the State Council, and certainly We will promote the rapid development of China's industry, nitrile gloves, and even may soon have a place in the international arena. "
Zhao Jiguang members called for the relevant departments within their respective areas of responsibility issued to implement policies to promote innovation nitrile gloves product development. "Now the State Drug Administration has issued a 'innovative nitrile gloves special approval process'. I think that in the implementation of the program but also increase efforts to make innovative nitrile glove products are safe, effective and fast access to the market."
Zhao Jiguang Members hope that the relevant departments to develop appropriate policies and regulations in terms of price, the tender and entering hospitals, foster innovation nitrile gloves quickly enter the domestic market. . "Can be established so that the best innovative products to enjoy the most favorable access filing system," Zhao Jiguang members said: "In the application stage of the product should also establish a similar green channel - in public hospitals by the state financial support, with taxation means of policy control, so that innovative products can be successfully put into use, and other aspects of health care can be given special reimbursement policies and standards to encourage. "
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