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Advantages of Nitrile over Latex gloves

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Advantages of Nitrile over Latex gloves

1) Nitrile is more potent than latex

Nitrile Gloves is more chemical and puncture-resistant than latex. In the medical industries, doctors deal with sharp objects such as needles, not to mention the items involved in surgical procedures. Therefore, if you don’t want to take any chances, nitrile gloves are more recommendable than rubber gloves.

Also, in the chemical industry, chemicals are always harmful to the skin, not to mention acids that can severely burn the skin. The puncture resistance than nitrile gloves offer makes it a readily safe option when dealing with lab chemicals or industrial chemicals generally. As a fact, nitrile is advisable for workers handling 67% of chemicals than latex gloves.

More specialists such as nurses, doctors, tattoo artists, lab workers, and food handlers rely on nitrile gloves’ strength, especially with exposure to bloodborne pathogens and other environmental contaminants. They provide excellent durability and barrier protection.

2) Many people are latex allergic

Many people are latex allergic, so even doctors prefer using nitrile gloves because they are of synthetic rubber. Service providers such as doctors and tattoo artists prefer nitrile because even if the wearer may not be latex allergic, the client might be.

So, for the safety of your client, it is best to use the allergic-free nitrile gloves.

3) Nitrile is more comfortable

Due to the standard manufacturing techniques, nitrile gloves are significantly closing the gap when it comes to comfort and dexterity. As body heat warms nitrile gloves, they conform closely to the hand fitting comfortably.

They are more elastic than latex or vinyl and applicable in many uses such as automotive, manufacturing, janitorial, and sanitation services.

4) Nitrile has lower resistance to friction

Lower resistance to friction is what makes nitrile gloves more comfortable to don on and off. The finishing of the gloves creates a seamless experience as the user wears and removes them due to one, the glove powder absorbs excess moisture in the hands, making it easy to don on and off.

Secondly, nitrile gloves have a polymer coating that makes the gloves slip into the hands sleekly and lastly, chlorination reduces the material’s tackiness, making it softer. In industries such as food processing, where there is frequent changing of gloves, nitrile gloves are more suitable.

5) Affordability

While latex prices are more volatile than nitrile, it is because they come from rubber. However, nitrile gloves are a lot less volatile, and the manufacturing or production techniques continue to improve. Since nitrile is an artificial product, its production is not as subject to the natural environment’s whims, such as latex.

6) The bottom line

Due to its affordability, improved production techniques, strength, and allergic free, nitrile gloves are versatile and offer benefits across various industries. If you wonder which gloves are the best and safer to use, give nitrile gloves a try and prove it yourself.

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