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Amazing Chinese market demand for disposable gloves

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According to a group of foreign media statistics show that per capita use of medical grade gloves in China only three pairs, the global 25 pairs. Foreign media said the past 10 years, China under the catalysis of economic growth and population factors, disposable gloves market will usher in the outbreak, use of disposable gloves will have one after a break, the market prospects are very impressive.
This prediction is not groundless, as the Chinese government has become increasingly concerned about livelihood issues, people on personal protection awareness gradually strengthened, China's demand for disposable gloves will achieve comprehensive and rapid growth in the following areas.
Labor protection products industry, a huge market demand and objective:
Chinese government always attached importance to the protection of labor, that "safety first, prevention first" approach to labor protection, and to "strengthen labor protection, reform of labor conditions" as a basic national policy is written, "People's Republic of China Constitution," the Government It requires labor protective equipment must have a labor protective gloves.
Meanwhile, with the improvement of material level, safety awareness growing, enterprises and workers demand for labor is growing defense supplies, labor protection products industry provides for the unlimited development of life, the market size has more than protective equipment the 30 billion yuan, the number of annual demand of disposable gloves over ten billion!
Disposable gloves in the health care industry health market rapid growth:

In 2003, the SARS virus "pop", driven by strong demand for disposable medical gloves and examination gloves, the market was a shortage situation, since the amount of use of medical gloves maintained the momentum of rapid and healthy development. Ministry of Health has subsequently released a number of systems required to do medical work in clinics, care, and inspection work must wear gloves, the medical profession and improve protection standards.
Disposable medical gloves can be effective in preventing AIDS, hepatitis B, influenza A (H1N1) and Zika virus, effectively protect the health of the doctor-patient staff.
In 2011, the Chinese government has strengthened the people's livelihood and occupational health regulations, so that the amount of disposable gloves consumption growth rose again to achieve each year, more than 15% growth rate. According to conservative estimates, by the end of 2016, the Chinese market, the consumption of medical gloves will only reach 700 million.Disposable gloves for the pharmaceutical industry has enormous potential.
State Food and Drug Administration requires pharmaceutical companies must pass the GMP authentication, and in the "drug GMP certification inspection evaluation standards" in the process of production and management personnel must wear gloves behavior made explicit. According to the SFDA statistics, the scale of China above the level of more than 4,000 pharmaceutical enterprises, employing an average of 500 people / family, in accordance with 2 gloves per person per day, there are 1.46 billion market capacity.Healthy people's livelihood, food industry, the rapid rise in the amount of disposable gloves.
Ministry of Commerce promulgated the "catering business norms" clearly states the catering staff in the conduct of specific work gloves must be worn. As people on the quality of life, a healthy diet of increasing demand, the Chinese government has promulgated more than a dozen laws and regulations, detailed and strict requirements on employees wear gloves.
According to the State Administration of Quality Supervision and the China Food Association statistics that, as of July 2015, there is a sizable domestic current level of food processing and catering enterprises reached 580,000, related professionals and practitioners chef nearly 20 million. This indicates that only in the food industry, the demand for disposable gloves more than one billion.
Electronics industry products such as computer heads, liquid crystal displays, digital cameras, cleanliness and dust number of very strict environmental requirements, these companies are generally equipped to perform "Federal Standard 209b" industrial clean rooms, require staff to be Wear clean disposable gloves, gowns and slippers, anti-static, to ensure that the product is not contaminated. According to the China Electronic Information Network reported, the domestic electronics industry has more than 30,000 enterprises, businesses need to have at least 1/10 of the industrial production in the clean room. Even so, the potential demand for the electronics industry will reach 200 million or more annually.
Home personal protection, it is slander saliva end markets:
Daily life, it is inevitable to contact with washing powder, detergents, detergents and other chemicals, wear rubber gloves to protect it is the most direct way. According to market research data show that almost half of people are doing all kinds of housework accustomed to using rubber gloves, rubber gloves commonly used in households, 29.7% of people will use a separate according to different purposes, and tend to use easy to fit health disposable gloves hand type.
With the improvement of living standards, rubber gloves gradually become a daily necessity. With the improvement of people's self-protection awareness, changing consumer attitudes, in the next few years, household rubber gloves in the market will have a big breakthrough, market consumption is very considerable.
In addition to these disposable gloves will usher in the explosive growth of the industry, as well as laboratories, agriculture, beauty industry, painting industry demand for disposable gloves is also increasing year by year.
Currently, disposable gloves consists mainly of PVC, latex and nitrile gloves. But with the advancement of technology and the improvement of product quality requirements, PVC and latex gloves have been gradually abandoned the enterprise. The main reason is poor scalability PVC gloves, easily rotten, susceptible to corrosion, catalytic materials and the production of gloves while remaining easy to wear allergic person or cause dermatitis; however, latex gloves latex protein itself contains also likely to cause allergic reactions. The nitrile gloves is the next generation upgrade products, in terms of the production process or the implementation of more stringent standards, its performance and quality are generally able to match the needs of the market, many companies are turning to increasingly use nitrile gloves.

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