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Analysis: What is latex gloves?

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Analysis: What is latex gloves?

Latex gloves are one of the gloves, it is different from the general gloves, processed by the latex can be used as home, industrial, medical, beauty and other industries, is an essential hand protection products. Using latex, together with other fine additives processing latex gloves, the product after a special surface treatment, wear comfortable, in industrial and agricultural production, medical, daily life has a wide range of applications. Latex gloves are divided into: latex gloves, latex gloves, linen latex gloves, latex gloves and transparent latex gloves and powder-free latex, latex gloves according to use divided into: disposable latex gloves, latex gloves, latex gloves, Medical latex gloves, and other categories; Length: 23cm, 30cm (9 ", 12"); thickness: 0.08mm-0.09mm; Color: beige, light yellow two; 100% natural latex gloves made of latex has a high degree of dexterity, wearing a very comfortable, but also have high strength. Pinhole rate is low, with excellent closed protection features. Widely used in electronics, food, medicine and optoelectronics and other related industries.

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