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Applications of Nitrile Gloves

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Applications of Nitrile Gloves

Wearing gloves correctly can help prevent infection through exposure to hazardous substances, products, and processes.Correct removal of gloves helps prevent pollution to yourself and the environment.Nitrile Gloves are the newest and most durable Disposable Gloves,and they are suitable for all industries like listed below.


Applicable industry

Laboratory personnel: Nitrile gloves are comfortable to wear, stable in performance, and have the highest chemical resistance, which can avoid the irritation and damage of the chemical substances to the skin.

Emergency care: As a barrier between the wearer and the patient, this is another important area of use for gloves. Nitrile examination gloves, which are latex-free and non-allergenic, are the first choice to help emergency personnel fight blood pathogens and other diseases during first aid.

Childcare: Some factories have childcare staff on site. The employees of the day care center wear gloves to act as a protective barrier between themselves and the children. Employees should wear gloves when changing diapers, cleaning rooms, cleaning toys and feeding children.

Catering industry: Nitrile gloves are comfortable and suitable for long-term wear. They are ideal for food processing and food services. Of course, PVC and PE gloves are spare options, but only for light and short-term operations.

Assembly line workers, assembly workers, and manufacturing workers: Workers facing hazardous chemicals, such as those working in battery manufacturing plants, face the dangers of lead and need to wear gloves when working. Nitrile gloves are the best choice in this case because nitrile is made from synthetic rubber with the highest chemical resistance. In addition, nitrile gloves are more comfortable to wear, and the gloves will be closer to the hand as they come into contact with body temperature, thereby providing better operation sensitivity.

Hairdressing industry: Nitrile gloves are comfortable on the hand and suitable for long-term wear. It is also an ideal choice for the hairdressing industry, which can avoid skin irritation and damage caused by chemicals.


Packaging Workers: Packaging at the end of processing procedures also needs to comply with food safety regulations. In addition, wearing gloves can prevent fingerprints from damaging the cleanliness of the packaging.

Sanitation workers: These workers need to wear gloves to protect themselves from the chemicals in the cleaning supplies, as well as protect themselves from pathogens when cleaning the bathroom. Nitrile gloves are often used by such workers because they can resist harmful chemicals.

Maintenance workers: Maintenance workers usually come into contact with grease, oil and other solvents when repairing production equipment and transportation vehicles. At this time, their hands need to be protected.

Security personnel: Such personnel need to wear gloves when performing security inspections to prevent cross-infection when they come into contact with security personnel.

Printing workers: Printing factories use chemicals to print labels and other printed materials. These chemicals usually include emulsions, inks, oxidants and various solvents. Disposable gloves can prevent chemicals from invading workers' health, such as nervous system damage caused by penetration into the skin. In view of the damage of the above chemicals, nitrile gloves are duty-bound.

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