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Are food-grade, latex and nitrile gloves which easy to use?

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Food-grade disposable gloves, the more common are latex and nitrile gloves . Because of the different materials used, these two gloves have different characteristics. So in the food industry, who is more suitable for use of these two gloves, better performance? This needs to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of both.
Latex gloves, appeared longer, and thus have a "mass foundation" is very good, very popular. It is refined from natural rubber, so in the soft feel, comfort has incomparable superiority, and good elasticity, tear resistance. It is widely used in food. However, due to the reasons for raw materials, latex gloves, oil resistance capacity is weaker than nitrile gloves, in the handling of these foods, not recommended latex gloves. The other gloves - nitrile gloves, is a better choice.

latex and nitrile gloves
Nitrile gloves, good oil resistance, a wider range of applications in food processing. Although slightly inferior to latex gloves in terms of softness and elasticity, it is excellent in terms of key properties such as abrasion resistance, puncture resistance, grease resistance and chemical resistance, and is ideal for food processing. At the same time, it's diverse colors, food-safety color blue, oil-resistant black, fresh green, etc., whether it is to choose a single color to use, or choose a variety of help companies color management, perfect performance.

latex and nitrile gloves
As such, nitrile gloves are a better choice in the food industry to better assist the food industry in safe food processing.

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