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As for sensitive skin,how to choose gloves?

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As for sensitive skin,how to choose gloves?

The food processing industry and the oral medical examination industry usually have such concerns about how to choose gloves for sensitive skin.This would lead to the

question: Latex gloves or Nitrile gloves? Which one is better? Here, a brief introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of these two gloves.


Nitrile gloves are made of synthetic nitrile rubber. Compared with latex gloves, it has the advantages of superior puncture resistance, chemical resistance and anti-bacterial liquid penetration, and is relatively thinner and more oil-resistant,and mainly No latex allergies. The disadvantages of nitrile gloves are insufficient elasticity, low temperature resistance, and poor electrical properties.


Latex gloves are made of natural latex. Compared with nitrile gloves, its electrical properties are better. Commonly used insulating gloves are generally made of latex. Latex gloves have absolute advantages in terms of elasticity, softness, comfort, and fitness, and the price is usually lower than that of nitrile gloves. The disadvantage of latex gloves is that they have poor oil resistance and are prone to aging, and because natural latex contains protein, some people may be allergic during use.

If you already have symptoms of latex allergy, you should consult a specialist and take the following preventive measures: 

1. Avoid contact with latex gloves and other latex-containing products.

2. Avoid inhaling the latex dust produced by other workers or colleagues wearing gloves.

3. Tell your employer or health care staff (specialist, occupational disease doctor, nurse, dentist, etc.) that you are allergic to latex.


Nitrile gloves do not contain protein, amino compounds and other harmful substances, and rarely cause allergies. The puncture resistance of nitrile gloves is three to five times higher than that of latex. For those who need to use sharp tools, it is safer to use durable nitrile gloves. People who are allergic to latex and rubber and need to do housework can also choose nitrile gloves.

In summary,Nitrile Gloves are the best option for people with sensitiv skin.

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