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Basic knowledge of PVC gloves

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Basic knowledge of PVC gloves

   PVC gloves are polyvinyl chloride, is made through a special process. Gloves, allergen-free, powder-free, low dust, low ion content, without plasticizers, esters, silicone oil and other ingredients, with a strong chemical resistance, good flexibility and touch, convenient and comfortable dress, having antistatic properties, can be used in a clean environment.
vinyl gloves
Disposable PVC gloves Features: 1 high quality PVC material, resistant to weak acid weak base. 2, hands GM, curling wrist mouth. 3, the unique post-treatment, no skin irritation, allergy .4, low ion content and the amount of dust, vacuum clean packaging. 5, for clean room / clean room / purification plant / semiconductor, hard disk manufacturing, precision optics, optical electronics, LCD / DVD LCD manufacturing, biomedical, precision instruments ,, PCB printing and other industries .PVC gloves are widely used in sanitary inspection, food industry, chemical industry, electronics, pharmaceutical industry, paint industry, printing and dyeing industry, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and other sectors of the labor protection and family health.
Disposable PVC gloves are widely used in daily life, with health protective effect, good and easy to use, protective performance, security, non-toxic, welcomed by users. Disposable PVC gloves have a vast market in developed countries and regions. Disposable PVC gloves types are divided from powder PVC gloves (process, a glove attached to the surface a small amount of corn flour to keep the gloves slip) and powder-free PVC gloves (process for PU processing agent instead of corn flour, play the same role); from the level, major medical and industrial grade PVC gloves PVC gloves (to distinguish main indicators is the size of pinholes rate); from the model number into XS, S number, M number, L No. , XL number, lengthened, thick type, longer thicker type. After investigation, disposable PVC gloves mainly in the industrial and powder have powder-free medical grade S number, M number, L number, XL number, wherein M number, L number for the main products

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