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CPE Gloves vs TPE Gloves

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CPE Gloves vs TPE Gloves

1. Materials

CPE Gloves,  cast polyethylene (CPE) gloves are made of polyethylene, a kind of resin (i.e., organic compound) created during the polymerization process of ethynylene. Polyethylene is known as a "commodity" resin since it can be produced in high volumes at low costs.  It's also the most commonly used kind of plastic in the world.

Many other products are made of polyethylene including food wrap, detergent bottles, and shopping bags, among others.

TPE Gloves, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gloves are made of thermoplastic elastomers, polymers that can be molded more than once when heated. Thermoplastic elastomers also have the same elasticity as rubber. Industrial fabricators classify thermoplastic elastomers as “specialty” plastic resins for two reasons.

Firstly, they're produced at lower volumes than "commodity" resins like polyethylene and at higher costs as well.  Secondly, they're used for more specialized applications than "commodity" resins. Besides TPE gloves, products including adhesives and footwear are manufactured using thermoplastic elastomers.

2. Markets & Industries

CPE gloves are designed for the food service and food processing industries. Same for TPE gloves.

3. When to use CPE/TPE Gloves

CPE gloves are a great alternative for vinyl gloves or latex gloves in food service and food processing industries.

TPE gloves are another excellent alternative for vinyl gloves since they're less expensive.  They're also a good alternative for poly gloves.

4. Characteristics

CPE gloves offer many positive benefits – most notably their durability.  They also tend to weigh more in grams than TPE gloves.

TPE gloves, like CPE gloves, are known for their durability.  They weigh less in grams than CPE gloves and are also flexible and resilient products.

CPE gloves usually use very thick embossing to increase the feeling thickness,  but TPE gloves usually use smooth embossing to strengthen its soft feeling and better elongation and also tensile.

5. Price

Because the production method is very simple and very similar, most gloves prices depends on the weight.  PE gloves are most light, so it is also cheapest in all kinds of disposable gloves. CPE gloves are little expensive than PE gloves, even the same weight, because different film making method.

Casting film machines need more energy to melt the material, and with higher temperature, the casting film machine can produce much more than blowing machines. TPE gloves are little expensive than CPE gloves, because the TPE material are much more expensive than normal PE, nearly double. It cause the TPE gloves'price is very high.

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