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Can Nitrile Gloves Be Used for Food Handling

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Can Nitrile Gloves Be Used for Food Handling

The uses of disposable gloves in Food Handling is to provide protection from foodborne illness and protect your hands from irritant food materials.Can nitrile gloves be used for handling food?The answer is Sure Yes.

Composed of synthetic rubber, disposable nitrile gloves are latex free, less likely to cause an allergic reaction. And they are stronger than latex gloves, more flexible than vinyl gloves. Due to their great resistance to oils and other harsh chemicals, disposable nitrile gloves are perfect for food handling and many other tasks.

Advantages would be listed as below:

  • Offer a better barrier for protection

  • Can be used by those with a latex allergy

  • Offer more puncture resistance than other glove materials

  • Offer a greater chemical resistance over other gloves

  • Have superior strength

  • Are waterproof

  • Are durable

  • Are powder free

    Pidegree Medical only produces high quality Powder Free Niitrile Gloves that are perfectly suitable for Food Processing.

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