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Chinese nitrile gloves market is about to usher outbreak

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Chinese nitrile gloves market is about to usher outbreak

    Nitrile glove market has a huge potential, rubber gloves is mandatory hand protection products, whether in industry or in the medical field, or in the home areas of daily life have a very wide range of applications. According to the China Market Research Center show that China's rubber glove market in the later stages of growth, the market has a significant expansion trend.
   As a rising star in the rubber gloves, nitrile gloves with strong market potential. Throughout the domestic and foreign markets, market size nitrile gloves are constantly exceeded expectations. Plus the whole industry chain covering government support, nitrile rubber gloves market outbreak, can be expected to happen! Nitrile rubber gloves as innovative products, with a variety of advantages, such as: no smell no sensitization; hydrocarbon solvents, heat resistance and anti-aging properties containing polar nitrile group, have a good resistance to oil, benzene, resistance ; excellent wear resistance ......
   Advantages nitrile gloves have been recognized by the market, a very wide range of applications, such as food, chemicals, machinery, automotive, agriculture, etc., can be described as covering the whole industry chain.
   With the rapid growth of Chinese industry, labor law and other laws and regulations on the protection of workers gradual strengthening of business investment in labor insurance products has improved markedly, nitrile gloves when companies choose to become the object of gloves priority; and in the medical field, because 12% -30% of the population is allergic to latex, the Government and relevant agencies for the protection of health care and patient safety, use nitrile gloves proportion is gradually increased.
   According to the data show that China after the United States, Japan, has become the world's leading global nitrile rubber consumer. According CNKI data show that the demand for nitrile gloves annual increase of more than 10%. According ZionResearch research report, nitrile glove market, the market size will reach 485 million dollars in 2020, a huge explosive!

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