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Choose the Best Medical Use Gloves

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Choose the Best Medical Use Gloves

Disposable gloves in the medical industry are generally classified as examination gloves or surgical gloves. Medical staff and paramedics often wear examination gloves when in direct contact with patients to prevent contamination. Surgeons and operating room nurses use more advanced surgical gloves to achieve higher accuracy, sensitivity and size.

It is important that both examination gloves and surgical gloves provide special protection against disease and body fluids. They should also be comfortable so as not to make professionals or patients unnecessarily uncomfortable .

Examination gloves are made of latex, vinyl and nitrile. Latex gloves have been the standard for medical offices for many years, and different brands and styles of latex gloves have multiple characteristics. For example, some latex gloves have powder, others do not, and some are thicker and longer than others.

Latex gloves are used in high-risk situations involving infectious materials. They are also elastic, strong and biodegradable. To provide mid-range barrier protection, latex is comfortable, flexible and fits well. However, some professionals and patients are allergic to it.

Vinyl is made from polyvinyl chloride, a low cost option,.It is soft, comfortable and latex-free. These gloves are sufficient for low-risk tasks and access to non-hazardous materials. Vinyl gloves can also be worn for less tactile work, but keep in mind that they are generally not as durable as latex gloves.

Nitrile is a great general-purpose material that is commonly used in examinations, especially in patients who are allergic to latex. Nitrile is a very durable and tear-resistant material that is ideal for sharp objects and instruments. You can wear nitrile gloves for a longer time, and these gloves have a long shelf life. Ultimately, they provide high barrier protection and are resistant to chemicals and punctures in ways that latex and vinyl simply cannot resist.

In conclusion,Nitrile gloves would be the best choice for medical uses.

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