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Classification of Disposable Gloves

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Classification of Disposable Gloves

In some industries where gloves are frequently replaced, it is usually recommended to use disposable gloves, which can not only avoid cross-infection, but also greatly save replacement costs. For example, the medical industry, laboratories, food processing industries and other industries that require relatively high hygiene requirements..

According to the material, it is generally divided into plastic disposable gloves(inlcuding vinyl and polyethylene gloves), latex disposable gloves, and nitrile disposable gloves .

1.Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves,in addition to having the characteristics of latex gloves, and improving the shortcomings of latex gloves, first of all can withstand the corrosion of animal fats, and will not produce allergies.


Therefore, blue food-grade nitrile gloves are the choice of the food industry, why is the darker color the choice? Because dark colors are easily found when mixed with food, the problem of food adulteration with foreign matter can be avoided. Secondly, it will not cause allergies to employees and will not cause adverse effects on the human body.  


2. Disposable Latex Gloves 

Latex gloves are usually used in professional occasions, such as operating rooms, laboratories and other places that require high sanitary conditions. The advantages are that they have a certain degree of elasticity and are relatively durable. More importantly, according to statistics, 2%-17% of people will have varying degrees of allergies to latex.

Some food manufacturers pay more attention to the difficulty of wearing gloves when choosing, so they will choose latex gloves, because latex gloves are indeed easier to wear than food-grade nitrile gloves, but you must pay attention to the feelings of some employees at this time. Statistics show that the probability of allergies caused by latex gloves is about 11%-17.3%. Among them, the probability of allergies in women is generally higher than that of men. In fact, this probability is quite high. Secondly, latex gloves are milky white or beige, which is not easy to mix in food. Distinguish. 

3. Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Before, many people chose vinyl gloves because of its low price and cost saving.The advantage is that they are cheap, but because plastic disposable gloves are not flexible, their durability and suitability are relatively poor.

4.Disposable Polyethylene Gloves

Polyethylene Gloves,namely PE Gloves.They can be divided into LDPE,HDPE,TPE,CPE gloves according to their production process.These gloves are mainly used in restaurant and snack bar by the customers.

In modern society, people's demand for disposable gloves is huge, and its demand is increasing.

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