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Cleanroom Disposables Ⅱ

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Disposable Coveralls

Cleanroom Coveralls

Disposable coveralls provide full body protection to minimize exposure to contaminants. Coveralls are ideal for your workplace if you are involved in mixing chemicals, spraying liquids and handling granules.

When purchasing clean room uniforms, you should compare the benefits of using a standard suit and choosing a garment with a cover and boots.

Disposable coveralls provide chemical and particulate protection in cleanrooms, laboratories, production environments, and more.


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Shoe Cover

Cleanroom Shoe Covers

Shoe covers are an essential products to protect certain spaces from contamination caused by particles left on the shoes.

If you have a controlled work environment, such as a medical facility, clean room or pharmaceutical operation, you can invest in a heavy shoe cover. There are also lightweight shoe covers for general use, such as open house attendance.

These products can be used in a variety of applications, from preventing the accumulation of dirt from repairers and open houses to clean rooms, medical convenience, pharmaceutical environments, food processing and industrial spaces.

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