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Cleanroom Gloves

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Cleanroom Gloves

A cleanroom is a controlled environment that keeps the level of pollutants, like dust and airborne microbes, to a minimum.You should purchase the appropriate cleanroom gloves for your controlled or sensitive workplace. Proper gloves will prevent contamination and subsequent damage to equipment and products in the environment.

The following are practical guidelines for essential disposable gloves for use in clean rooms or other controlled work environments:

Disposable cleanroom gloves are designed to promote pollution control in the workplace. If you need to ensure sterility in areas such as laboratories and cleanrooms, these are critical to your environment.

When choosing gloves, you should consider the need for glove sterility, hand size and allergy problems in the workplace. A range of sterile, latex and nitrile gloves can be found on the Pidegree Medical website.

Cleanroom gloves are disposable gloves designed and cleaned for use in pollution control and aseptic work environments, including cleanrooms, laboratories and ESD workspaces.

Minimize submicron particle contamination by using gloves designed and manufactured for cleanrooms.

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