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Common advantages and disadvantages of four disposable gloves

Views: 495     Author: Pidegree Gloves     Publish Time: 10-31-2016      Origin: Pidegree Gloves

First, PE gloves
Material: PE, the new material HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE production

Advantages: Inexpensive, wide range of uses

Disadvantages: relatively thin, not suitable for long-term use, suitable for one-time use

Second, nitrile gloves

Material: NBR, a synthetic rubber, the main component of butadiene

Advantages: no allergies, biodegradable, can add pigments, colors more vivid

Disadvantages: poor flexibility, the price is higher than latex products

Third, PVC gloves

Material: PVC

Advantages: low price, can add pigments, bright colors

Disadvantages: Contains a high plasticizer (internationally recognized health public enemy), heat volatile volatile gases,


Fourth, latex gloves