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Disposable Gloves in Food Industry

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Disposable Gloves in Food Industry

Billions of gloves are used by the global food industry every year. A major reason for glove use in food industry is for preventing hand contact with food or food contact surfaces. Improper use of gloves can pose as much of a problem in causing foodborne illness by transporting bacteria and viruses as hands that have not been properly washed. Proper use of gloves is essential to preparing and serving food safely.


Disposable gloves is an additional protective layer to act as a barrier between bare hands and food that help prevent bacterial and viral contamination of equipment, food and utensils.

Below is some disposable gloves safety tips


Disposable gloves should:


Be approved for food service.

Be offered in multiple sizes to accommodate individual hand size.

Be offered for latex alternative.

Not be washed or rinsed and reused.

Be changed frequently.

Disposable gloves should be changed when they become soiled or torn.

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