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Disposable PVC gloves, disposable latex gloves and performance characteristics of the nitrile gloves ESD contrast?

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Disposable PVC gloves
Material: PVC
Advantages: low price, you can add color, bright colors
Disadvantages: contains high plasticizer (internationally recognized health Public Enemy), heated volatile harmful gases, non-degradable
Disposable latex gloves
Material: natural latex (NR)
Pros: good elasticity, biodegradable
Disadvantages: part of the population allergic reaction
Disposable nitrile gloves
Material: NBR, a synthetic rubber, mainly composed of acrylonitrile and butadiene
Advantages: non-allergic, biodegradable, add pigment, the color more vivid
Disadvantages: poor flexibility, more expensive than latex products
ESD refers to the anti-static properties of the product, it is generally believed that there is anti-static properties of nitrile rubber products, latex and PVC and does not have anti-static properties, NA ESD area
In fact, anti-static properties of nitrile gloves also depends on the production side glue formula, different manufacturers of the products manufactured glue ESD performance differences (relationship with the glove manufacturer is unlikely), or even the same product made in the performance of glue there are also differences on, it can be used as a general requirement to use anti-static gloves, but performance is lower than the professional anti-static gloves.

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