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Disposable PVC gloves

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  Disposable PVC gloves, disposable plastic gloves polymer is the fastest growing product in the protective gloves industry. Health care and food service industries to look for the reason why this product is because PVC gloves comfortable to wear, flexible, does not contain any natural latex ingredients does not produce allergic reactions.
Production technology
Consuming raw material inspection → → → stirring → detection filter → → → Test degassing storage using on-line dipping → → → stereotypes dropping of plastics molding and drying → → → cooling Cooling PU dipping or dropping of wet powder → → drying → cooling Crimping → → → stripping off the pre-test → → curing → packaging → storage → shipment inspection → packing shipments.
Scope and Purpose
Housework, electronics, chemical industry, aquaculture, glass, food and other plant protection, hospitals, research and other industries use; widely used in semiconductor, precision electronic components and equipment installation and operation of a sticky metal containers, installation and commissioning of high-tech products, actuator disc, composite materials, LCD display table, circuit board production lines, optical products, laboratories, hospitals, beauty salons and other areas. Semiconductors, microelectronics, LCD monitors and other sensitive objects, medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and beverage and other clean place.
Product Features
1, wearing comfortable, will not cause long worn skin tight. Help blood circulation.
2, does not contain amino compounds and other harmful substances, very little allergy.
3, Strong tensile strength, puncture resistance, not damaged.
4, sealing, and the most effective prevention of dust outward distribution.
5, excellent chemical resistance, resistance to certain pH.
6, no silicon components, there is a certain anti-static properties, suitable for the production of electronics industry needs.
7, the bottom surface chemistry residual material, the end of the ion content, particle content less for strict clean room environment.
Instructions for use
This product, regardless of left and right hands, please select the appropriate size of my hand-type gloves;
Wear gloves when you can not wear rings or other jewelry, watch out nails;
This product is limited to one-time use; use the product after the press medical waste disposal, to prevent bacteria contamination of the environment;
Prohibited sunlight or strong ultraviolet light directly irradiated.
Storage conditions, method
It should be stored in a cool, dry warehouse (room temperature below 30 degrees, relative humidity 80% or less is appropriate) from the ground on the shelf 200mm.

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