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Disposable examination gloves classification

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Conventional disposable examination gloves can be roughly classified according to the following four points:

1. Disposable examination gloves according to performance can be divided into: a powder, no powder, purification

2. Disposable examination gloves according to the size of the general are divided into: L code (palm width 10.5CM), M code (palm width 9.5CM), S code (palm width 8.5CM)

3. Disposable examination gloves are generally divided into length: 9 inches (about 24CM), 12 inches (30CM); above the length of the middle finger to the vertical distance from the curling of the glove.

4. Disposable examination gloves by use can be divided into: industrial (general factory and daily protective use), medical grade (medical examination, medical products, pharmaceuticals, etc.)

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