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Disposable gloves color coding that you need know

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Disposable gloves color coding that you need know

Color coding is becoming an increasingly popular practice among health professionals to ensure patient and user safety. Vinyl, latex, and nitrile medical/exam grade gloves are available in a variety of colors, making them ideal for use with color coding practices.

What is color coding?

There are a few different ways that color coding can be implemented. Workers may color code gloves to distinguish between vinyl,latex and nitrile  gloves so they can remember what gloves are ideal for what use, while others may also use color coding when double gloving. Color coding while double gloving makes it easier for workers to identify when outer gloves have become ripped or torn during use to prevent the spread of bacteria from bare hands and to protect users from harmful chemicals or bloodborne pathogen.

With so many different gloves in a variety of colors, choosing two different colored gloves has become an easy process. As a result, this process has become more popular and colored medical grade gloves have risen in demand. Colored gloves are becoming more popular in food other industries too.

How to chose for the color coding

If regular to use three different material of gloves, it is easy and economical. Our factory has made the different regular color for three types of gloves. Vinyl gloves are transparent,latex gloves are milky white, nitrile gloves are ice blue, price of regular color are best .

IF it is the same materials of gloves, the first choice is nitrile gloves .Because nitrile gloves are easy to add color elements, but quality keeps the same in the same gram. In our products list, we can offer purple blue, dark blue, white, black with MOQ 600ctns to 20GP, The other a alike pink,green MOQ is 3*40HQ

We can also offer blend nitrile gloves in different colors, alike purple blue, dark blue, white, black,pink, green…..MOQ and price is better than pure nitrile gloves .

Second choice is vinyl gloves in different color, blue and black MOQ is 20GP.

white white, green, red, pink…we can offer ,MOQ is 1*40HQ  

Latex gloves other color only have black and blue, and have to make the gloves thicker, so the price and MOQ are much higher.

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