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Disposable gloves widely used in various industries

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Disposable gloves in various industries all play a certain role, which then are applied to the industry in which it
Food processing areas:
Food disposable gloves for the characteristics of the food industry is the company protection, processing using a specially designed and manufactured gloves, particularly reflects its hygiene, health, safety, oil, alkali, durable characteristics, the product has been domestic and foreign food processing when the food and health industry work necessary use disposable gloves.
Household cleaning areas:
Household cleaning company dedicated disposable gloves for the use of the characteristics of hygiene in the field of specialized design and manufacture of gloves, especially reflecting its acid and alkali, oil and water repellent stain, smart soft features, products have been widely applied to home care , daily cleaning, health protection, and many other use.
Hair coloring areas:
Beauty hair salon dedicated disposable gloves beauty salon industry for the company characteristics of specialized design and production of gloves, especially reflecting its waterproof anti-oil hair dye, anti-oil, gentle smart, features easy to use, the product has been hairdressing industry widely used.
medical field:
Disposable medical examination gloves are company dedicated to the characteristics of the medical industry to use specially designed and manufactured gloves, reflects its particular bacteria, acid, anti-infective, anti-allergic properties, the product has become the medical work of medical institutions Medical whoever Preparation use protective gloves.
Industrial areas:
Disposable gloves are industry-specific company for the factory processing industry is characterized by processing specially designed gloves, particularly reflects its anti-static, good air permeability, comfortable, acid and oil-resistant bacteria characteristics of products already in the country, and Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other countries and regions, food processing companies and recognized as a work essential to use protective gloves.

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