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Disposable latex gloves

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Disposable latex gloves into glossy latex gloves, latex gloves pitted surface, is made of high quality natural latex, together with other additives using a special powder-free technology refined processing, non-toxic, harmless; having good tensile, good attachment and flexible use. It is divided into three levels. [Br /] First, there is more powder disposable latex gloves for the food industry, the production process is necessary to add, lest gloves sticking together, for the convenience of wear. Pay particular attention is good or bad corn flour. We use food grade corn meal, otherwise it is the user, and the service object, not good. [Br /] The second is used for electronics, medical industry, powder-free disposable latex gloves, just because there is a powder produced through our process - obtained was washed with water out of powder-free latex gloves [br /] three is used for precision electronics, medical industry purification disposable latex gloves, is already cleaned with water washing powder-free latex gloves again made with chlorine, cleanliness reached one thousand.
Benefits of the product
100% pure latex colors, flexible, and easy to wear.
2. Wear comfortable, non-oxidizing agent and silicone oil, grease and Salt thereof.
3, Strong tensile strength, puncture resistance, not damaged.
4, excellent chemical resistance, resistance to certain pH, partial resistance to organic solvents, such as acetone.
5, the surface chemical residues, low ion content, low particle content, apply strict clean room environment.
The use of products
Powdered and Powder Free disposable latex gloves are widely used in food processing, homework, agriculture, medical and other industries, clean disposable latex gloves are widely used in high-tech product installation and debugging, circuit board production lines, optical products, semiconductors, disk actuators, composites, LCD display table, precision electronic components and equipment installation, laboratory, medical and other fields.
Storage conditions
It should be stored in dry sealed storage (room temperature below 30 degrees, relative humidity 80% or less is appropriate) from the ground on the shelf 200mm
Instructions for use
1, right-hand man, regardless of the product, please select the appropriate size of my hand-type gloves;
2, wear gloves, can not wear rings or other jewelry, watch out nails;
3, the product limit for single use; the use of the product after the press medical waste disposal, to prevent bacteria contamination of the environment;
4 Do not touch oil, acids, alkalis, copper, manganese and other harmful metals and rubber chemicals;
5, is strictly prohibited strong sunlight or ultraviolet light directly irradiated;
6, the use of natural rubber allergy history of caution

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Disposable Latex Gloves


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