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Disposable latex gloves knowledge

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Disposable latex gloves knowledge

1, it really necessary to use disposable gloves?
very necessary! Use disposable gloves to keep your hands dry and clean, and chemical protection was hurt hands from irritation. In the United States, the majority of industries, such as food, medical, industrial, have the relevant laws and regulations requiring the use of gloves, and to ensure that the operator is in contact cleaning and hygiene articles.
2, is not gloves thicker the better, the higher the price; the thinner the worse, the price is lower?
The quality of the glove is dependent on the tightness of the glove itself and stretch, with a thickness of no direct relationship. Pidegree Gloves production of disposable gloves with international quality certification, is disposable protective products industry leader.
3, why the glove is a very good product sales?
With respect to large-scale equipment, the low value of the glove itself, is a consumable item, high demand, a wide range of applications, the sales cycle is short, fast receipt.
4, Pidegree Gloves is an international brand, so if the price advantage?
Pidegree Gloves has been builted for more than 18 years , annual global sales of more than 1.5 billion gloves. Pidegree gloves raw materials collected from the rich, the gloves stable quality, with the best price.
5, Pidegree Gloves are from foreign manufacturers do?
Pidegree  latex gloves are basically direct the production of packaging from Malaysia and then sold to worldwide, nitrile gloves,PVC and PE gloves in the domestic processing, with the relevant quality certificate.
6, Pidegree Gloves stock there is no problem?
Pidegree Gloves in the United States, Canada and China have a systematic wholesale distribution center. And also has a sufficient safety stock to ensure that our customers' needs, so that is set that is made.
7. Why Pidegree Gloves wear gloves to hand boring?Pidegree Gloves there a better ventilation of gloves?
Feel boring, just proves Pidegree Gloves  have a good seal, which will help protect your hands effectively prevent the solution, chemical erosion of the glove itself after the gloves.
8. How do you recommend Pidegree Gloves gloves?
We must first understand your customers from which industries such as the food industry, blue nitrile and latex is the best choice; such as the industrial sector, it is recommended to use black nitrile, in addition, according to the customer's budget and performance customers glove to determine the requirements of the glove category. For example, some companies just want to provide basic, simple protection on the line, and some companies are very strict control of the production process, we need to be treated differently.

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