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Disposable latex gloves manufacturers - Pidegree Gloves, tell your class and function of latex gloves

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Pidegree Gloves to meet customer demand, especially disposable latex gloves and other products included in the scope of business. Pidegree Gloves uphold the principle of customer first, then we take a look at latex classification:

Latex can be divided into natural, artificial and synthetic 3 categories.

First, natural latex

Natural latex, within the specified time, from a certain age when tapping rubber trees cut out of the liquid in accordance with the provisions of, milky white, solid content of 30% to 40%, an average rubber particle size of 1.06 microns. Fresh natural latex rubber component containing 27% ~ 41.3% (by mass), 44% to 70% water, 0.2% to 4.5% of protein, natural resin, 2% to 5%, sugar 0.36% to 4.2%, ash 0.4%. To prevent natural latex due to the action of microorganisms, enzymes and coagulation, often adding ammonia and other stabilizers. Mainly for the production of natural latex foam products, extruded products and impregnation products.

Second, synthetic latex

Synthetic latex, generally prepared by emulsion polymerization, such as polybutadiene latex, styrene-butadiene latex. In order to achieve a solids content of 40% to 70%, the first rubber particles agglomerate into larger particles, and then using a method similar to natural latex concentrate. Synthetic latex is mainly used for carpets, paper, textiles, printing, coatings and adhesives and other industrial sectors.

Third, artificial latex

Synthetic latex, a non-rubber latex emulsion. To the solution polymerization of colloidal added water and a surfactant, the rubber particles dispersed in water, and then the solvent was evaporated to obtain. If the rubber is not sufficiently dissolved in a solvent, can be raw rubber and compound emulsifier containing aqueous phase under conditions exist, continue kneading until a stable aqueous dispersion of rubber. Artificial latex and synthetic latex uses basically the same.

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Latex products have two functions:

First, anti-bacterial anti-mite

Because latex oak protein can inhibit bacteria and allergens lurking in line with environmental requirements, can inhibit bacteria, mites breed, and no static, distributing natural milk flavor, so that by asthma and allergic nasal rhinitis and other respiratory system disorders plagued those who benefit.

Second, breathable

Natural latex products have thousands of tiny vent mesh structure, the holes can be discharged from the body shed heat and moisture can promote natural ventilation,, provide natural air conditioning system, so the air inside the products stay fresh and healthy.
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