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Disposable nitrile gloves used in several types of industries

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Disposable nitrile gloves used in several types of industries

Laboratory staff: disposable nitrile gloves, with excellent chemical resistance, to avoid chemical irritation and injury to the skin, the surface of the glove or fingertips hemp surface design with non-slip easy to grasp the role of the laboratory staff Great choice.
Emergency Care: As a barrier between the wearer and the patient, this is another important area of use for gloves. Disposable nitrile testing gloves are an excellent choice for helping first responders fight against bloodborne pathogens and other ailments.
Child care: children are the flowers of the motherland, they must live in a clean environment. Environmental cleaning is a must-have event every day. Day-care workers wear gloves and clean gloves when cleaning the room, cleaning toys, and wiping objects, which can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria.
Assembly line workers, assembly workers and manufacturing workers: the continuous development of the electronics industry, the daily pipeline operations are essential, in order to better protect products and personal nitrile gloves in this case is the best choice.
Hair and beauty industry: nitrile gloves is also an ideal choice for hairdressing industry, can effectively isolate hot hair dye in the chemical substances on the hand skin irritation and injury.
Packers: Packaging is also subject to food safety regulations at the end of the processing sequence. In addition, wearing gloves can prevent fingerprints and damage the packaging cleanliness.
Maintenance workers: Maintenance workers usually have access to grease, oil, and other solvents when servicing equipment and vehicles used in their production. At this time, their hands must be protected.
Printing workers: Printing can not be separated from ink formulations, these substances usually contain emulsions, inks, oxidants and various solvents. Gloves can prevent chemicals from harming workers' health, such as damage to the nervous system caused by penetration into the skin. In view of the above chemical injury, nitrile gloves duty-bound.
Hygiene cleaners: These workers protect themselves from infection by pathogens while cleaning the toilet. Can choose to wear nitrile gloves, it can fight against harmful chemicals, so nitrile is often used by such staff.
Security personnel: such staff in the implementation of security work needs to wear gloves, prevention and security personnel were exposed to cross-infection.
  Nitrile rubber gloves is the raw material of nitrile rubber, adding additives, through the strict production process technology from, for the human body will not produce side effects, can be long-term wear, durable, very comfortable to wear. At present, such gloves in scientific research, medical, electronics, food and chemical production and many other areas have a very common application, with unique advantages and by the public recognition and trust.
  Nitrile gloves is different from some traditional gloves, it does not contain internal allergic reactions to the human body proteins, wear them more safe and secure. And the left and right hand are universal, feel very soft, can play a very good non-slip effect, the operation more flexible, to avoid blunt. Long-term use of nitrile gloves and does not produce hand discomfort, has good diastolic properties, suitable for all to wear.

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