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Disposables provide self-protection against Coronavirus

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Disposables provide self-protection against Coronavirus

#Disposables provide self-protection against Coronavirus

News from globaltimes:

“She shared her experience volunteering on TikTok. In the video, Monroe can be seen wearing gloves and a hazmat suit as she delivers big bags of vegetables, eggs, fish to residents who ordered them online. She explained that the service is a type of "no contact" distribution, and that she was very delighted to help the community.”

As she mentioned, all the government worker in Wuhan work day and night to help the self quarantine citizens.

Disposable Face mask and gloves are the base self protection materials,some would wear disposable raincoat or protective clothes .

Below worker are full protection with latex gloves


                                                                                                                           photo by Xinhua Net

Below worker are with protection face mask and nitrile gloves


How to choose the gloves you can get

Purpose: avoid to touch the virus directly.

In this case any gloves can achieve this goal.

Disposable gloves are much better,because it can avoid secondary contact.At the daily life, you can choose PE and vinyl gloves which are cheaper.Nitrile gloves and latex glove have much more elasticity,will fit your hands more.

As they worked in open air, regular type gloves in market would be good enough.If you go in public places like subway,bus or supermarket,you can also wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands.

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