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Do thicker gloves enhance protections?

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Do thicker gloves enhance protections?

People buy disposable gloves for hand protection and hygiene.But it's easy to have a misconception that a thicker glove will provide better protection.That may be right if the gloves' made by good material.If not,thicker gloves can be deceiving and give you a false sense of security.

But most importantly,in some disposble gloves' applications like medicine and food handling,thicker gloves provide inferior gross and poorer manual dexterity than thinnest gloves according to research.Wearing thick gloves does not necessarily enhance protection.Thicker does not always equate to stronger or more elastic.Moreover,thicker gloves increase waste and disposal costs,and definitely prices are higher.So why not choose the thinner one?But if you need to deal with high risk items,that not disposable gloves' business.Please be clear.

Pidegree Medical produces disposable gloves of thickness 0.08mm.These gloves are thin,providing high form fitting and manual dexterity which enables high efficiency during busy work environment.Here's your choices:Disposable Latex Gloves/Disposable Nitrile Gloves/Disposable Vinyl Gloves.

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