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Do you know food grade gloves?

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Do you know food grade gloves?

In order to ensure food safety, food processing industry personnel must wear disposable gloves at work to reduce the possibility of bacterial transmission. The food industry-specific disposable gloves, commonly known as: food grade gloves.

What are the distinctive characteristics of food-grade gloves?

1) must contain SGS certificate

SGS food GB through the test of disposable gloves, food-grade gloves access threshold, you can directly wear contact with ingredients to ensure the health of ingredients, health.

2) resistant to oil, puncture resistance

Food processing personnel in their daily work, often contact with a lot of oil (for example: cut with fresh fish, meat, when the oil), if you wear a poor oil resistance gloves, it is easy to lead to glove degeneration or swelling, thus Loss of protective effect.

In addition, the food processing staff in the cut with ingredients, the use of sharp tools are also very easy to accidentally hurt the hand. For example: knives and mixers. Choose a food-resistant gloves with strong puncture resistance, in the hand and food processing tools to establish a protective barrier between the effective protection of food processing staff hand health.

3) color easy to identify

As the food processing industry is a high frequency of the pipeline operation, if you wear very close to the color of the gloves, once the staff negligence, the ingredients in the gloves into the food which, a short time it is difficult to be identified.

Food grade gloves favored by the food processing industry are usually disposable blue or dark blue nitrile gloves. The reason is that these two colors have a high degree of identification, to facilitate food processing industry personnel supervision process, a substantial increase in the safety of food production.

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