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Examination latex gloves and Selection Considerations

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   There are many drugs often cause damage to some of the glove material, if this is a dangerous drugs, and gloves will result in degradation of human exposure to infectious agents. Degradation and may permeate through the glove drugs include: glutaraldehyde, formaldehyde, xylene, hypochlorite solution, alcohol, chemotherapy drugs, grease, oil ointments, non-polymeric bone cement and many other disinfectants, fungicides and general chemicals, so when faced with these drugs is best to check with double latex gloves.

   When the tape, trademarks, electrocardiogram, or other sticky substance stuck to the glove, easy removal, it will also destroy the protective barrier gloves, then removal of the tear strength of the glove, should attract attention.

   Smooth latex gloves will also affect the safety of use. Weapon, glass, bottles and metal vacuum equipment is likely to fall, especially in increasing the risk of being torn gloves when treating a patient when the gloves get wet, leading to the spread of infection source. Use textured glove without lubricant can grab more securely.

    Long nails and jewelry will not only become a source of infection of these "safe haven", but also punctured latex gloves. While wearing medical gloves should be regular manicure, put off the jewelry, artificial nails will bring a lot of trouble, even after effective wash, not easy to wash away the memory left nail fungus and bacteria, artificial nails may hook gloves, wear gloves to make it more difficult. Conclusion As long as the correct choice and use of gloves, you can reduce the patients and medical staff daily risk of cross infection. Many factors should be relevant attention, once you choose the appropriate protection gloves, they should keep careful use, not only to increase the hospital infection and destruction gloves protective barrier, but also with the presence of dust, chemicals, cross contact with contaminated gloves and error handling related to the proper selection and use of gloves can reduce hospital infection rates.

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