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Extra safe ribbed lubricated latex condoms

Product Detail
Model Number:Ribbed Condom
Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Heartmed
Operative Standard:EN ISO4074
Shelf Life:5 years
Packing:3pcs/box or 12pcs/box
  • Ribbed
  • Heartmed

Product Feature
*Extra Ribbed Surface
*Usage:Single use

*This male condom with reservoir tip made of natural latex is through strict electronic inspection.it helps to reduce the sexual transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and offer dual protection for the prevention of unintended pregnancy

*This condom is disposable product.Single-use only.
*Do not use if the condom becomes sticky, brittle or obviously damaged.
*Ensure the condom always wearing on penis during intercourse.should use a new one immediately if the condom falls off. in case the condom is broken or there is any doubt, should consult your doctor. if the semen is into the vagina,take emergency contraception immediately.
*Non-spermicidal lubricant had been added to the condom. if extra lubricant is needed, please use the same or recommended type of lubricant. prohibit the use of petroleum-based lubricants such as Vaseline , baby oil, shower gel, massage oil ,butter, artificial butter, etc., as these are deleterious to the integrity of the condom.
*Need to consult a doctor or pharmacist if other medicine is needed.
*The condoms should be used in the period of validity.

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