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Fime International Medical Expo

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Fime International Medical Expo

     The largest medical trade fair in the biggest medical device marketplaceNow in its 26th year, FIME is the most-attended medical trade exhibition in the Western Hemisphere, serving the entirety of the North, Central and South American regions. Hosting over 38 countries worldwide at the exhibition, FIME’s primary focus is across four medical industry sectors: technology, products and supplies, services and equipment.

Exhibitor Profile

    The following categories exhibitors can visit at FIME International Medical Expo, Hospital Suppliers, Disposable products, Diagnostiv Suppliers, Surgical Suppliers, Laboratory Suppliers, Emergency Medical Suppliers, Dental Suppliers, Rehabilitation Product Suppliers, Imagine Suppliers, Medical Services Providers, Biomedical Product Suppliers, Pharmaceutical Suppliers.
Who is Pidgree Gloves?
    Pidegree Gloves ( a manufacturer of disposable latex exam gloves,nitrile exam gloves,vinyl exam gloves,household gloves etc.Pidegree Gloves invite you meet at FIME International Medical Expo Miami Beach Convention Center:

FIME International Medical Expo 
Date: August 2-4, 2016
Hall No.: Miami Beach Convention Center Miami Beach, Florida 
Stand No.: F-E21


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