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Glove Facts and Myths

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Glove Facts and Myths

The main purpose of wearing gloves is to prevent food contamination or disease transmission,so keeping gloves and hands clean in the kitchen or medical facility is extremely important.However there are still a great many misinformation about disposable glove usages.Here we have listed some "to do" and "not to do",and facts and myths about disposable gloves to help protect the safety of gloves users and customers.

Myth:Any disposable glove can be used in any job

Fact:No,different workplaces require different materials of gloves

Disposable gloves come in a variety of materials, powder or powder-free styles, thicknesses and grades (food service, industrial or medical), which all affect performance and the most suitable task for the glove. Pidegree Medical offers food services, industrial and medical grade latex, nitrile, vinyl, and polyethylene gloves, all of which have their own characteristics and uses. For example, nitrile gloves tend to be thicker, making them more resistant to chemicals. On the other hand, polymer gloves have a more relaxed fit and are more suitable for quick tasks, reducing their resistance to chemicals.


When looking for disposable gloves for your specific needs, be sure to find the materials, grades and specific features you need.


Myth:You don't need to change gloves after putting them on

Fact:Yes you do!

Wearing disposable gloves simply is not enough to prevent contamination, especially in food service environments where workers are working with a variety of foods. Gloves may be contaminated after workers touch the surface of the door handle, face or hair, or after working with food such as raw meat or fish. In each case, gloves need to be replaced immediately to prevent contamination. Touching the raw meat causes the microorganisms on the glove, and if the glove is not replaced before working with another food (such as a fresh salad or agricultural product), the customer may become ill. As a general rule, gloves for food service establishments should be replaced every two hours to prevent the gloves from being contaminated or worn and torn.


Myth:You don’t need to wash your hands if you wear disposable gloves
Fact: Yes, you do!

Users are advised to wash their hands before wearing disposable gloves to prevent contamination or virus transmission. If the glove is torn or torn during use, washing hands before putting on the glove may help reduce the risk of bacteria or contamination. If you do not wash your hands before wearing gloves, the gloves may be contaminated and pose a danger to food or patients during medical procedures. Gloves are not a substitute for hand washing. If used with hand washing, it can promote a safe and hygienic environment more effectively.

Myth:All glove allergies are related to latex
Fact: No, although latex allergies are more common

It may be easy to think that latex is the only glove allergy, and the simple solution is to use powder-free gloves or other options such as vinyl and nitrile. This is not the case, because the accelerators or chemicals used by the user during the manufacturing process are also allergic to nitrile gloves.


Pidegree Medical manufacture latex,vinyl,nitrile and polyethylene gloves.Find your right gloves here!



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