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Glove material- Difference Between Vinyl, Latex and Nitrile

Views: 31     Author: Pidegree Group     Publish Time: 08-05-2016      Origin: Pidegree Group

Vinyl is a synthetic non biodegradable protein free material used to manufacture vinyl gloves. Polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers are used to make vinyl gloves. Vinyl gloves are best used as a cheap glove material for handling non hazardous materials and chemicals.The drawbacks to vinyl gloves are that they offer very little protection against chemicals hazards and micro-organisms.Vinyl gloves are not very form fitting and elastic compared to latex and nitrile. Stretch vinyl improves flexibility and fit slightly over normal vinyl.Medical grade vinyl gloves should weigh at least 6 grams or more per a glove.

Latex gloves are made of material originating from the latex ducts of rubber trees. Even with the advent of synthetic materials, latex still remains the most elastic, resilient, and consistent fitting material on the market today.The draw backs to natural rubber latex are that some individuals are highly allergic to latex gloves. Latex allergies are more likely to develop with the use of latex gloves, if the gloves are not properly washed and processed. Another, drawback of latex is that is subjected to cost fluctuation similar to other natural resources. Lastly, latex gloves are not as chemical resistant as nitrile gloves.The growth of natural latex is the most biodegradable glove material available to the market.
Nitrile is a synthetic polymer that has many natural rubber latex characteristics. The biggest plus of nitrile gloves are that they are free of any latex proteins. Nitrile gloves provide better chemical and biohazard protection compared to latex gloves. Also, nitrile gloves are more resistant to punctures and tears compared to natural latex. Being a synthetic material, nitrile has a longer shelf life than natural rubber.The drawbacks to nitrile gloves are that they are not biodegradable. Nitrile gloves are also less elastic and form fitting compared to natural latex.One last drawback to nitrile is pricing, nitrile is a petroleum based product and the price of nitrile fluctuates with the price of oil.Nitrile has been steadily moving towards becoming more user- friendly with improvements in formulations and manufacturing processes.