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Gloves secret inventory, 99% of people do not know the truth of the gloves

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Gloves secret inventory, 99% of people do not know the truth of the gloves

1. History of disposable gloves

In 1889, the first pair of disposable gloves was born at the doctor's office at William Stewart Halstead.

In the course of surgery, disposable gloves can not only ensure that the doctor's hand flexibility, but also greatly enhance the health of the medical environment cleanliness, so disposable gloves in the surgeon in this group is widely popular.

In the long-term clinical trials found that disposable gloves and isolation of blood by the function of the disease, the outbreak of AIDS in 1992, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration will be a one-time gloves included in the list of personal protective equipment.

Sterilization, sterilization, sterilization

Disposable gloves were born in the medical industry, the medical gloves sterilization requirements are also very harsh, common sterilization technology has the following two:

1) ethylene oxide sterilization - the use of medical sterilization of ethylene oxide sterilization technology, can kill all microorganisms, including bacterial spores, but also to ensure that gloves are not damaged;

2) Gamma ray sterilization - radiation sterilization is the use of electromagnetic radiation generated by electromagnetic waves to kill most of the substances on the microbial an effective way to inhibit or kill the micro-organisms in order to achieve a high degree of sterilization purposes, after gamma-ray off The gloves of the bacteria are generally grayish.

3. Classification of disposable gloves

As part of the crowd on the natural latex allergy, glove manufacturers are constantly giving a variety of solutions, which derived from a variety of disposable gloves.

According to the material distinction, can be divided into: nitrile powder without powder gloves, latex gloves, PVC gloves, PE gloves ... ... from the market trend point of view, nitrile gloves gradually become mainstream.

4. There are powder gloves and no powder gloves

The main raw material of disposable gloves is natural rubber, elastic and skin, but difficult to wear.

At about the end of the 19th century, the producer of talc or lime pine powder was added to the glove machine, making the glove more easily peeled from the hand mold, and also solved the problem of difficulty in wearing, but the two powders could cause postoperative infection.

In 1947, easy to be absorbed by the body of food-grade powder instead of talcum powder and pine powder, was widely used.

With the advantages of disposable gloves have been gradually explored, the application environment also extends to food processing, spraying, clean room and other fields, no powder gloves increasingly popular.

At the same time, FDA in order to avoid powder gloves on certain diseases to bring medical risks, the United States has banned the use of powder gloves in the medical industry.

5. Use a chlorine or polymer coating to remove the powder

So far, most of the gloves from the gloves are peeling off the powder, the powder to the main two ways:

1) Chlorine wash

Chlorine washing generally use chlorine or sodium hypochlorite and hydrochloric acid solution to clean the glove to reduce the powder content, but also to reduce the adhesion of natural latex surface, easy to wear gloves. It is worth mentioning that chlorine washing can also reduce the amount of natural latex gloves, reduce allergic rate.

Chloro-washed powder is mainly used for latex gloves.

2) Polymer coating

The polymer coating is coated with a polymer, such as silicone, acrylic resin and gel, inside the glove to cover the powder and to make the glove easy to wear. This method is commonly used in nitrile gloves.

With the progress of science and technology, there are already some manufacturers gradually began to use gloves without gloves production gloves.

6. Gloves need to design

To ensure that wearing gloves do not affect the hand grip, glove surface design is very important:

1) palm surface microhose - to provide the user's grip, reduce the chance of operating the machine error.

2) fingertip Ma - to enhance the fingertip sensitivity, even for small tools, still able to maintain good control.

3) Diamond Texture - Provides excellent wet and dry grip to ensure safe operation.

7. Gloves have to hold certificates

In the process of changing the disposable gloves, in order to regulate the market, a variety of gloves certificate came into being, more common are:

1) CFDA - food and drug safety certification. All disposable gloves for the medical industry must contain CFDA certificates;

1) SGS - through the national standard food grade test. Food gloves that can be safely used in the food processing / food service industry;

3) ISO9001 - quality management system. To ensure the quality of gloves have a unified standard;

In addition, there are the European Union CE, the US FDA, ISO1348, QS and other certification.

8. Nitrile gloves sales are gradually higher than latex gloves

In the early 1990s, nitrile gloves came out. A good solution to the latex glove sensitization defects.

At the same time, due to latex gloves smell, difficult to clean, more and more industries began to favor the nitrile gloves.

9. advantage of nitrile gloves

1) no smell, no allergies: nitrile gloves will not be allergic, soft and comfortable; even if a long time to wear, the hands will not be contaminated with smell.

2) memory hand type, not fatigue: nitrile gloves will change with the hand temperature changes, to remember the hand type, comfortable skin, anti-fatigue strong.

3) resistant to puncture tear resistance: nitrile gloves than latex gloves more puncture resistance, tear resistance, wear resistance, economic and durable.

4) anti-corrosion anti-corrosion: fear of a variety of harmful chemical substances or oil erosion, to ensure orderly work.

5) easy to distinguish the management of color: nitrile gloves can be made into a variety of colors to meet the different needs of all walks of life, a variety of colors are also easy to distinguish management, improve the identification.

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