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How to Ensure Medical Examination Gloves Fit Properly

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How to Ensure Medical Examination Gloves Fit Properly

Choosing the right size is critical when making sure that the medical exam gloves are right for you. There are two key points to ensure proper fit with medical examination gloves:


  • Pick the correct size

  • Put on the gloves correctly.


Unfortunately, the size of the selection glove is a bit like a trial and error process. For example, in general, you may find yourself medium (or small or large, etc.). The feel and fit of the glove vary slightly depending on the thickness of the particular glove line and material. Therefore, when trying to test gloves, ask yourself the following questions.


Is the glove too tight?


Does the gloves fatigue your hand? Do you feel resistance when moving your fingers? If so, please consider a bigger glove. In addition to being more comfortable, larger gloves will experience less stress on the material, which reduces the risk of tearing.


Is the glove too loose?


Is the glove loose? Is it difficult to grab an object? If this is the case, consider using smaller gloves because excess material may increase the risk of tearing or punctures as it entangles on other objects.


Is the glove suitable?


Is the glove comfortable to wear for a long time? Does it feel like a second skin or like it is not even there? If so, you have found the right glove.


All of our exam gloves are available in five sizes, from ultra-small to oversized to ensure the most suitable size and shape for most hands.

Wearing gloves properly helps ensure that the gloves fit properly. Please check the usage information page for advice on wearing the check glove correctly.

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