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How to Select Latex Glove Size and Color

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There are many factors to consider when selecting a disposable latex glove.  After choosing the glove style based on the purpose and the industry application, the proper size and fit are critical to performance and safety.

How to Select Glove Size
Pidegree Group has taken out the guesswork out of selecting the correct glove size by providing a printable size chart. Once you have printed the disposable glove size chart, you can accurately measure your hand. Please refer to our comprehensive Printable Glove Sizing Chart, which when printed is to scale and will assist you in selecting the correct.

Latex Glove Color Options
When it comes to disposable gloves, it should come as no surprise that there are many colors available. Many industries use colored gloves as part of a color coding strategy for safety and compliance. Color coding is a best practice adopted by both industrial and medical industries. Color coded gloves can help to differentiate sizing, help to prevent cross contamination or help to designate a type of glove material like latex versus nitrile.

Color Coding in Industrial Applications
For instance, in industrial applications like food processing, blue gloves may be used for poultry and green gloves for vegetables to help the compliance of food processing workers. However, in the medical industry, ivory or white gloves are considered the industry standard which helps to differentiate them from nitrile exam gloves which are typically blue.

Color Coding in Medical Applications
In medical settings color coding can help health care workers differentiate glove materials such as latex versus nitrile. Typically latex exam gloves are a neutral color, like ivory or cream, while nitrile exam gloves are a contrasting color, like purple or blue. This strategy allows hospitals to easily educate their healthcare workers on which exam glove to use depending on the situation.

Pidegree Group color coded disposable latex exam gloves are trusted by the most prominent end users including; healthcare, dental, pharmaceutical, first responders, veterinarian, and biotech.

Pidegree Group Latex Disposable Glove Color Options

Ivory. More healthcare workers in the medical industry rely on a neutral or ivory colored exam glove,because ivory colored gloves help health care workers detect blood and other contaminants easier compared to a dark glove like black or purple.
Blue. In color coding, blue or purple colored gloves are traditionally used to differentiate nitrile from latex. However, in tough applications in medical and laboratory settings where cross contamination or exposure to bloodborne pathogens are of concern – premium blue latex exam gloves, provide top quality performance for longer duration of use. These blue latex exam gloves, are twice the thickness of standard latex exam and are well suited to color coding strategies that designate extra protection.
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